Why the US celebrates Columbus Day?


MILANO411.com presents a history lesson of when cultures collide. Ole’ Christopher Columbus had his day today. Although he is Italian, for Italians and their world view; he is considered more American. Or at least from a historical perspective. When America, back in the good ole’ year of 1992 was celebrating the 500 year anniversary of his discovery; Italians were celebrating the Renaissance greats like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and of course the “oh so blessed,” Rafael. Italy now, and still then; didn’t want to have much to do with Christopher Columbus and his legacy of genocide, which is told from too different standpoints. One of shocked explorer and the other from the standpoint of, “Yeah, I did it. They were savages and hadn’t seen the glory of Christ!” Cut movie scene to the point in the film where men (Europeans) are running around with machetes chopping up men, women, children, babies, and let’s not forget; old people. WTF all the way baby.

Regardless, Christopher Columbus had secrets. Some say he was a victim of bad historians and didn’t do the atrocities that were done by later governors. What genocide you say? Well we’re not going to go into that here. But do some real research from places like Wikipedia and others. But this clip is a good start. This video lays out the relationship of his discovery to those hidden events, to emigration of Italians to America; who faced bias and treatment similar to how some people say bad things about Mexicans. Well, enjoy the lesson and hope you learned something. Also, ask a question. A Thinking Man’s question. Where did all the Indians go that lived on those islands? Hmmmm…..they’re not in the Club Med disco. We know that for sure!

Ciao and Happy Christopher Columbus Day to those who celebrate or Native People’s Day.

Why the US celebrates Columbus Day? | MILANO411


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