Where The Bears Are: Season 4 – SWIM WEAR BEARS


MILANO411.com would like to pay homage to Where The Bears Are! A TV show ahead of it’s time and dear to a community of people who have not always felt like they fit in, into any scene. If you haven’t seen it, watch it and laugh. Sad to say, they are in their last season. But don’t fret, you can buy, rent or possibly start a fundraising program to find them new sponsorship or a Big Screen Adaptation. Start a movement or a wave. Yeah…the BEAR WAVE.

Regardless of your sexuality, this show is funny and a lot straight men that fit the bear profile never knew about this world, which is always hidden behind oiled up Ken Doll beef in the gay community. Yes, straight folks, the Gays have body shaming issues too. Just like BBW females are made to feel inferior to super models. The world is fucked, but it will feel a little less “fucked,” with a good laugh from this series. Ciao from MILANO…All are welcome!

Where The Bears Are: Season 4 - SWIM WEAR BEARS | MILANO411

**PUBLISHER’S NOTE: We have a content that is made for MEN who LOVE MEN in our MALE/MALE section. We don’t use the label GAY because it is too Old School and narrow. Same sex attracted males come in all flavors and MILANO411.com has a section for you! We also believe in DIVERSITY and Metro Integration. Some gay posts may be appealing to STR8 or Hetero Folks. So it’s all about sharing. MILANO411.com wants to wish the cast of Where The Bears Are the best in their projects, that will sure to follow the conclusion of their EIGHT season hit show.


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