WER: A.J. Cook Werewolf Movie!


MILANO411.com presents a scare fest for your DVD watching pleasure. Don’t want to catch Halloween at the theaters, due to crowds and freaks! Stay home with that sexy man in your life or woman. Enjoy some time and watch a remake of a classic.

Witness the rebirth of a legend in this spine-tingling descent into true terror. When a vacationing family is brutally murdered, an intrepid attorney, Kate Moore (A.J. Cook), is assigned to defend Talan (Brian Scott O’Connor), the main suspect and mysterious loner with a strange medical condition. As she delves into his shadowy past and runs scientific tests to prove his innocence, Talan’s darker instincts soon surface with unimaginable violence. As Talan slashes and shreds his way to freedom, Kate must stop the atrocity she’s unleashed before the city is torn apart limb by bloody limb.

This flick pulls no punches and isn’t made for the young (under 18). It’s nasty, but the story is deep, compelling, and full of surprises. Perfect for the chaos of our decade. Ciao from MILANO…


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