We Remember: Salute to 9-11 Heroes


The staff of MILANO411.com wants to salute all the fallen heroes of that horrible day. Out of our office, there are two directors that remember that tragic day on the calendar of life. It changed NYC and the world, FOREVER.

MILANO411.com wasn’t in formal existence then, but two of it’s founders lived in NYC at the time. It was a day of terror and heroes. People stepped up and did what needed to be done. We salute that heroism for those times. People are circulating pro-cop memes that say people have forgotten. People haven’t forgotten. People also are SMART and know context, unlike those who usually lean right-wing and try to make nonsense out of nothing. They’ll be another day to argue politics.

For today, NYC loves its police. We love them so much that we want them to police with HONOR. According to ethics, humanity, and the Rule of Law. So we proudly protest when we can and we proudly salute them when we can. When you do something like that, you stress a time that was different and full of unbridled love for the police. Did the police have issues in pre-9/11 NYC? You bet your Walmart shopping ass out there in the red states. Did idiots have to ruin the day or use it as an opportunity to belittle the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement? The answer is NO. We laughed at the meme. People remember. But it’s like a husband that beats his wife in present and shows their wedding pics on the left side of the meme, and BLM is holding up the pics of the abused wife taken at the hospital for evidence of domestic abuse, on the right side of the meme. Each set of pics is a place in time. Of course the abusive husband in that example, will point out the wedding pics; thus overlooking the wife that looks like she left an MMA ring.

So let’s, leave BLM out of 9-11. They stayed out of it from their standpoint. Not a perfect movement, but they had respect. CONTEXT is everything. We who were in NYC on 09.11.2001 in NYC, respect and love the COPS AND FIREFIGHTERS that faithful day. We haven’t forgotten.

Gio Benedice to all of them from the staff of MILANO411.com.


We Remember: Salute to 9-11 Heroes | MILANO411


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