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It’s rare that our features and articles come across someone who is a true Renaissance Man (Italiano: Uomo del Rinascimento). They are rare, if you don’t know where to look and you tend to only view through the Old School stereotypes of masculine, alpha-men, who go to the gym. Those stereotypes when it comes to the men that read MILANO411 and Mr. Victor Oddo, need not apply. They are not welcomed, nor tolerated. So 20th century. For those who missed the memo or e-mail or Facebook post, we’re in the 21st century. The future, may seem dark now, but the light always comes out and the path will be illuminated by men like Victor Oddo. Victor is a bodybuilder with an interesting profession. One would say he’s either full of BS or a genius. We side with the latter and have definitely jumped at the chance to feature his videos in our various columns and plan to some more in the future. The word to describe Victor Oddo, is simply, GENIUS. Really, we don’t like to throw that out too much; but he’s shaped his own reality. In turn taking the positive energy and sharing what he knows and using it to help others. This at it’s core, is what both the city of Milan’s vibe is about and that of

Victor, in his own words, has had ups and downs, but like all Renaissance Men; he creates his own reality and is taking that knowledge and sharing it with others. Victor is more than self-motivation, he is giving encouragement and love to both men and women who feel lost in our complex world. He’s a life coach that has some strong beliefs, backed by some solid logic in terms of the areas of self-help. He is no fraud and isn’t out to make a quick buck or euro or yen off your problems. Rather, he’s a Guru of the Now and The Know. His YouTube channel deals with the spiritual awakening that the world is experiencing; plus the complexities of dealing with it. He authentically wants to help you and was nice enough to drop by this month and give our readers The 411 on ascension, navigating difficult personalities, and the other things he speaks about. We especially feel his words are a good fit for the alpha-masculine guy we’ve seen the world over in gyms, who is model sexy; yet has a look of sadness on the faces of their masculine frames. So guys, turn the porno off and the fake news too; and get some real mind science from the next Dr. Sigmund Freud or even we dare say it, Wayne Dyer of our generation. Ciao…

**PUBLISHER’S NOTE: To learn more about Victor Oddo, please check out his book, Ascension Symptoms, by Victor Oddo:

HIS Wonderful Channel:

For Valentine’s Day:

On behalf of the staff of (both Milan & NYC offices); we would like to sincerely thank Victor for taking the time to speak to us and our readers. We look forward to feature more updates from your great YouTube channel. Readers, you will see Victor’s vlog posts on various topics in our Muscle, STR8 Guys, 4LADIES, and our Mind columns. Definitely in Mind. We recommend that you check out the videos there. Time to fill your head with only good stuff. Not trash (Nessun cestino!).



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