Versace Women Fall Winter 2018 – The Clans of Versace


“The Clans of Versace know that today nothing is acquired through birth, but rather earned through what they achieve: this is why these women are all Queens to me.” by Donatella Versace

United through passion and a desire to rock all boundaries, the Clans of Versace are crowned as the true modern royalty. Daring to speak their mind and standing out from the crowd through their style choice, they rule their own life and always look out for each other. Women who aren’t afraid to walk their own walk, and talk their talk, never forgetting that they were born to be bold.

Strong. Loud. Confident. There are no mid-ways. No compromises. A clash of cultures that generates friction and contrast between past and present – old and new, trendy and subculture, sneakers and stilettos. Different clans are represented by their print of choice.

All played out on the Versace Fall Winter 2018 catwalk.

Never safe. Never obvious. An explosion of personality.
The Versace way is always innovative, with a plethora of colors and prints that are not afraid to Mix and Clash.

Family always comes first. Versace women stand together, rooting for their cause in unity. Soccer-style scarf fringe inserts on dresses give the right amount of ‘look-at-me’ sass to evening wear. Groups of tartans are mixed together in a seemingly random manner, representing the clash of subcultures. Prints named after ‘the greater Versace family’ pay tribute to kinship.

A celebration of the deep bond between each member of this royal family, where diversity and inclusivity reign.

Sneaker geeks keep one eye on the past, one on the future, with their feet firmly gripping the present. They live for today. Now matters most. The insta moment is everything. They create a Chain Reaction with a ripple effect.

Some people are born royal. Some become Queens on their own.

Thanks Versace from….If this collection was a sci-fi movie, it would be the romantic 1990s sci-fi romance movie, Gattaca. Clean lines, pretty women with elegance. Of course Versace would subtract the genetic bias. It’s up to you readers to make sure this world only stays a movie. Uma Thurman kicked ass in this one. “My name is Vincent!”



MILANO411 has one other clan to add. This is not from Versace but from us. The Clan of the Future. This clan is focused on positivity, love, and the use of tech for the true betterment of mankind and womankind too! This clan wants to travel the stars in peace. Meet friendly aliens. Have flying cars and use them to drive, not for terrorism. The good stuff that we all call Utopia and live in peace with other human beings versus practicing twisted race or religious based fascism. Ciao from Milano…


Sci-Fi Look: Juan Gabriel (T800?)