Versace Spring Summer 2019 Women’s Fashion Show

37 is proud to present the vision and artistry of the wonderful Italian fashion house, known as VERSACE. This show is packed with powerful looks for women, that of course, aren’t cheap fellas; but they won’t break the bank. But possibly your back from doing hours of OT to put your fine woman in them. Well….remember, someone cooked the chicken and the jasmine rice to grow your muscles. She works hard and she deserves it! Ciao from Milano….

Versace, Madonna, & Mark Scott!


The music. Our prediction, a nightclub called Versace! In Milan, NYC, Paris, and of course Dubai. Possibly Moscow too.

GAZE LOCKING PRINT LAYERS – always identifiable, always colourful, her print-on-print looks give her character that’s instantly recognizable.
She is always THAT woman. The one who is never afraid.
She locks all eyes immediately – she’s eclectic and refined at the same time – her boldness overstated with
textured printing, her flawlessness captivated by effortless layering.
Tailoring plays an important part in forming her charismatic image.
Sculpted jackets highlight the waist in classic and printed power suits. Coats are crafted in solid colours, mock-python printed leather or in duchesse satin. A new take on the tuxedo now in shiny black satin. Fit and flare have never been so important. The Medusa’s mystic powers and ever-powerful persona are evident now more than ever. RESTRAINED CONTROL – the silhouettes she wears are fitted, slinky, skin tight, but transparent printed tulle dresses are layered over more conservative silhouettes – so she is both confident and vulnerable at the same time. Shapes are anatomical, sculpting the female body. Pleats are played with – from all-over micro pleats layered over each other or accent black piping around the waist of a structured jacket. Layering and draping are essential, often intertwined. Colors, prints and textures are layered instead of clashed, confining her sensual side with body-hugging draped tulle dresses over flowing fabrics.
OUT FROM HER CLOSET – With fluorescent colored tailoring and embellished jewelry – she is ready to embark in new adventures with her Conglobo bag inspired by vintage travel trunks that bring out her globetrotting spirit.

The Icon bag takes on a gypsy makeover with floral prints and colourful embellishment.

Her Chain Reaction sandals give her that ‘take-me-anywhere’ look that makes you want to take her around the world in a never-ending adventure.