Versace: Pre Fall 2019 Fashion Show


Versace did it again and 2019 is going to be a great year for them. VERSACE is dear to the hearts of the writers, stylists, and creative directors of When we launched in 2015, they were one of the first designers we highlighted and gave out their fragrances as prizes. They were the Designer of the Year winner for 2017! They continue to make Milano proud. This is a collection that was released in NYC and is very much of the Apple. Let’s just say it’s if Tiffany Trump went to the hood; meets pimp-daddy style with some classic Versace and Prince funk thrown into the mix. There is nothing here to offend. Just the fun and funk that is high fashion. The music rocked too, going from hip-hop to some dramatic classical. Gave the whole thing a cinematic punch. We hope that someone remakes the Sharon Stone classic Casino and have this collection be the clothes for it. Our favorite shots are below. The girl with all the hair is the best. A lot of hot feminine looks, but the guy looks work for those who spend time in the gym.

Versace: Pre Fall 2019 Fashion Show | MILANO411

Versace: Pre Fall 2019 Fashion Show | MILANO411

Versace: Pre Fall 2019 Fashion Show | MILANO411

The Trump Women fleeing to Russia after the Mueller Probe drops. We’re not taking sides, but you know you can see that too! These clothes are saying something.

Versace: Pre Fall 2019 Fashion Show | MILANO411

Love this one….ladies you can see your man hitchhiking in the Deep South wearing this.


Relive the key moments of the #VersacePreFall2019 fashion show held for the first time in New York City. #VersaceNY

Versace arrives in New York for the first time, taking the city by storm with its instantly recognizable style and unmistakable personality. Bags packed and passports in hand, the Versace women and men are welcomed to New York by Liberty’s torch. Welcoming Italia to New York through a collection that embodies freedom and empowerment.

Stars, stripes and Barocco – an explosion of prints celebrates Versace’s Italian roots on the New York runway. Designs intrinsic to the house are mixed in the boldest combinations. In the ‘Les Coupe Des Savage’ print zebra stripes and stars are intertwined with the Greca and gold-tone Barocco elements.

Evoking a jet-set atmosphere, the ‘Voyage Barocco’ print mixes and matches a melting pot of color palettes held together by Versace’s most quintessential motifs – the Greek Key and Barocco.

Iconic pin down – the Medusa Safety Pin makes its return in a new and contemporary way. THAT dress is back: a garment that broke all barriers, a daring gown that made fashion history. The Safety Pin dress that introduced the rock n’ roll attitude to red carpet attire. Hardware is made with the famous Medusa and new pin-clip fusion gold accents that conceal and reveal, ruching fabric together to create contemporary silhouettes. A look that defines Versace.

Heart on their sleeve – The ‘Love Versace’ heart print is inspired by Jim Dine’s designs for Gianni Versace’s New York townhouse. The colourful hearts are printed on silk chiffon that forms one of Versace’s most legendary silhouettes – long sleeves and naval low-cut front – made famous by Jennifer Lopez and prompting the creation of Google Image Search. The clicks to see this dress propelling the development of technology epitomises the importance of Versace’s cultural force.

Versace/Versace/Versace – By Migos


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