VERSACE: Need a vacation? | Versace La Vacanza


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Need a vacation? | Versace La Vacanza

VERSACE hits us hard with a sexy, fun, and quite modern take on ITALY (ITALIA). Summer is here and VERSACE is leading the way with this wonderful ad campaign. Be inspired and jump into the joys of Milanesi fashion.

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Need a vacation? Allow #Versace to transport you to the crystal-clear waters and blue skies of Liguria with our latest mini campaign. A sequence of imagery and film capture candid moments of a very Versace vacation. Think sun-kissed models, glamourous seaside locations and iconic summer fashion. A tongue-in-cheek video diary sees the models recalling how they spent their summer, but flashbacks reveal they’re not quite telling the truth. Playful and optimistic, the series hopes to spread a little Versace glamour this vacation season. “With this shoot I wanted to create something fun that captures the spirit of a vacation. We all miss travel. We miss the excitement of being somewhere different, of meeting with friends and sharing experiences. These images are about enjoying life and feeling free, they encapsulate that summertime feeling of endless possibilities.” – Donatella Versace Learn more about #VersaceLaVacanza here: