Versace, Madonna, & Mark Scott!


Versace, Madonna, & Mark Scott! | MILANO411

MILANO411.COM: The conquest of a M.I.L.F. is every young man’s fantasy. But this post, isn’t 100% for men who love women, nor about sex. It’s not 100% for women either. Because the subject’s (insert mega-star’s name) message or meaning, within both a 20th and 21st century modern context is beyond scholarly review, and will be the thing that will make aliens come and visit us. Her videos have been going strong into the BLACK for 30 years now.  Some advanced, space-faring race must want to Vogue! If not, people in the YEAR 3018 will still be studying her and the music she’s created.

So who is this post for, you say? We say the Most Powerful Woman in the World on her most loved birthday!


Versace, Madonna, & Mark Scott! | MILANO411

From the staff of both our NYC and Milano (Milan) office, we say; MANY MORE, and you have changed the direction of the world. Madonna’s music or even philosophy is for everyone! Everyone that wants to achieve, kick ass, have a great physique and tap into the awesome power of the female DIVA and modernity. Yes, men, although this site pushes content for both sexes and has no problem giving REAL MEN (regardless of sexual identity) a place to connect with fashion and art; without forgetting your a MAN. Diva Power is for you too and Madonna is the Queen of it! We salute her many years of GLAM! Remember she went from Dunkin’ Donuts and the Russian Tea Room (coatcheck) to billionaire status pop icon.

Versace, Madonna, & Mark Scott! | MILANO411

The legacy that is Madonna has shaped half of her life and our world. The Queen of Pop is a legend and a true STAR. Madonna is a style icon in a class all to herself and have only been held by a few others. Many of them men and many of them not here with us anymore. The other women are greats in themselves, like Diana Ross, Cher, Sade, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Grace Jones, and yes, the late and great Ms. Aretha Franklin.

Versace, Madonna, & Mark Scott! | MILANO411

So we combined her tribute to one of our site’s most favorite brands. Versace. Versace is a power-house label, straight out of Milan and right into your hearts and closets. A look that isn’t for everybody, but an approach to fashion that makes everyone think you’re SOMEBODY.

Enough said, so we give you a PHOTO-ESSAY OF MADONNA for Versace, combined with something for the ladies and also the guys too. We shot, MR. MILANO411, Mark Scott with Versace cologne. This site and vendor promo is, of course, designed to get you to buy. Hey, the bills got to be paid!

BUT KNOW ONE THING, MILANO411 DOESN’T PUSH HYPE NOR TRASH! Versace is top-of-the-line. Shit! They actually, drew the line. That’s how good they are.

Versace, Madonna, & Mark Scott! | MILANO411

MILANO411 truly supports and loves Versace. AND YOU WILL TOO! If you’re a WOMAN, consider their female fragrances and also buying Versace for the man in your life. Mark Scott did this sexy promo for the cologne and the free back pack that came with it. This can be found at Macy’s and other finer stores. MILANO411 thinks a woman who buys Versace for their man is saying something. What is it? We won’t ruin it, but just know it’s about POWER, SEX, LOVE, STYLE, AND LETTING THE MAN KNOW WHEN YOU GET HOME YOU EXPECT THE FOLLOWING:

“Him Post-Gym, showered, shaved (unless Ms. Kitty wants the fur!), and ready to go for some loving. Versace makes sheets and bedding too! Ciao”


Versace, Madonna, & Mark Scott! | MILANO411 Versace, Madonna, & Mark Scott! | MILANO411 Versace, Madonna, & Mark Scott! | MILANO411 Versace, Madonna, & Mark Scott! | MILANO411 Versace, Madonna, & Mark Scott! | MILANO411


Versace, Madonna, & Mark Scott! | MILANO411__________________________________________________________________________________________ would like to thank Mark Scott for a wonderful shoot. We don’t believe in BTS, but we’ll give you the scoop from the team onsite. Their words,

“When we put the Versace EROS boxset next to Mark Scott, with his towel on; there was magic in the room from the start. Mark gave a great shoot with a lot of masculine intensity and love to the fans. Making love to the female readers of MILANO411 with his eyes only. The magic wasn’t only limited to the ladies either, Mark Scott showed strong arms, pride, and a great role model to other men who work hard in the gym and want to get into upscale and professional PAID fashion modeling. Mark Scott made the BROS proud, by being very polite and asking to take his food breaks to pump up with the PROTEINA as we say in ITALIANO.”Versace, Madonna, & Mark Scott! | MILANO411





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