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48 is so proud to award to VERSACE, our annual DOTY award or DESIGNER OF THE YEAR for 2020. We give this honor with open hearts for a brand that defined mega-fashion houses from Italy and also our love of strong and beautiful women, like Donatella Versace. 

We present their successful and very funny Holiday Saga made to promote all that VERSACE has to offer. It was fun, campy, and a sexy spoof of those crazy and light-hearted romance novels. With a circa 1980s worldview and dialogue that would make Dynasty proud, made it very special. Our hats off to the creative team and creative director that made this wonderful commercial happen. More coming from us soon about all things VERSACE. Stay tuned for DOTY magazine giveaways and some fun events too. VERSACE has won before, back in 2017 and they are a two-time winner of the magazine’s award. It was campaigns like this one that made our voting committee select them for 2020. They are well suited to lead the NEW DECADE and we encourage all of our readers to jump on for the ride.

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(Add their looks to your closet today!)

ABOUT THE CONCEPT: The short film that accompanies Versace’s Holiday Saga depicts a snapshot of the book’s six-chapter narrative. The tale’s protagonists Angelina and the Baroness – played by multimedia artist Sarah Baker and supermodel Helena Christensen – find themselves in a riotous whirl of Versace style, rosé champagne, scandalous associations and empowering sisterhood. 

The saga begins when Angelina, the founder and CEO of Narcissist Records, receives a blackmail note from an unknown source. Unsure who she can trust and determined to protect her burgeoning empire, she seeks answers from the Baroness. Together they discover that Angelo, Angelina’s former lover, is behind the threat to Angelina – he must be stopped, and the Baroness is never without a plan. #VersaceHolidaySaga

Read the female-driven narrative:

VERSACE: MILANO411 Magazine’s – 2020 Designer of The Year!


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