Versace Fall Winter 2018 Men’s Fashion Show

48 presents Versace 2018 Menswear. Fall/Winter bitches! Yeah, I’m talking to you. And this collection screams touched in the head, with a bit of stylish stalker thrown into the mix. Don’t get us wrong, Versace (with the assistance of the wonderful Donatella Versace), puts a hot collection down the catwalk, or the Man Walk. It’s full of Halloween irony and fun. The soundtrack for the show sets the tone. Vampire chic meets a kaleidoscope of color. Animal prints, latex, bright colors, mute colors, etc. For the men, it’s like a vampire (male) saved all his killer pieces from the centuries. And pulled them out and modernized them. The standout is the brown bag that the brother carries. To bad for words. We won’t ruin the rest. Enjoy the multiverse of beauty and high fashion that can only be done by Versace. Ciao from Milano…. (Bring Garlic this October!)

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Happy Halloween everyone! May the season bring you fun, joy, and something that goes bump in the night. We offer you some Mark Scott. Mark is our newly signed spokesmodel for the website. MILANO411 is proud to have him on our team and he’s been modeling for us too. More surprises coming soon. But check out this promo he did for Versace. The Eros cologne for men is sure to get women going. Ciao…

Versace, Madonna, & Mark Scott!