VERSACE: All For You | A Very Versace Christmas Story


It was our pleasure hosting VERSACE this year as our DOTY 2020. For those new to the magazine and site, DOTY is short for Designer of The Year. We selected VERSACE on Jan. 1st, 2020. WHY? The fashion house, headed by Donatella Versace; leads the way in fashion for both our MALE & FEMALE readers. She and the creative team of VERSACE know how to work a look. She’s a fighter and does what she wants to do and always takes time to laugh. She does it with style and loves to be edgy, yet always classy. In that spirit, VERSACE in cooperation with our colleagues over at Vogue magazine give you some seasonal joy. Take that into next year. Ciao from MILANO411.COM.


We partnered with Vogue and Jordan Firstman for a special Holiday gift for our followers. Stay tuned until the end for a surprise. #VersaceHoliday #WaitForIt

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Add the style of VERSACE to your wardrobe. Dylan Blue by VERSACE makes a wonderful gift for a man. Ladies, consider picking up a bottle or gift set for that special guy. If you’re a guy, consider adding it for yourself too. PHOTO/MODEL: MARK SCOTT (USA).

VERSACE: All For You | A Very Versace Christmas Story | MILANO411




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