VANESSA WILLIAMS: The Right Stuff (Norman Cook Remix)


“We love this mix of The Right Stuff. It’s upbeat, fun, and perfect for everything (gym, errands, shopping, cardio, or just dancing with the one you love).”
VANESSA WILLIAMS – “No more needs to be said. Her vocals are pure silk and fun to dance too. Also, she makes wonderful ballads and chillout or relax music too. Vanessa Williams turns lemons into gold ear rings and then some. She is a producer, actress (stage and screen), model, activist, writer, proud mom of 4, real estate investor, and now fashion designer. Also, sometimes judge on the RuPaul show who gives a lot of loving criticism and praise to the contestants (minus the drama of Michele Visage – who we love). We look forward to more coming from VANESSA WILLIAMS in the years ahead. She’s huge here in Milano and when spotted, always gets noticed. Ciao…”
***Publisher’s Note: All this month we’re celebrating strong women in music. More Vanessa Williams and others are coming. Ciao…