Upper Butt Explained: Unlock Your Glutes


This video is made for both men and women. The information can be used by both to conquer those glutes. Critical Bench always has some of the best information.

Ciao from MILANO411.com


Video courtesy of Critical Bench (thanks)

**This 10 minute video covers everything you need to know about the upper glute muscle (the gluteus medius). You will learn about basic anatomy, physiology, common injuries and how to strengthen and grow this small butt muscle.** FREE 5- Minute Glute Workout: http://www.criticalbench.com/glutes

Great glutes are about more than looking good in your favorite pair of jeans. Whether you want to show off a shapely rear end or persuade a saggy bottom out of hiding, training your glutes can have a significant impact on your health and overall fitness. It seems a good majority of women out there (some men too) are in constant pursuit of growing their rear. Between the butt and the abs, there are thousands of programs designed to target these two regions of the body. However, there’s a BIG problem that nearly everyone will face or is currently facing: Your butt isn’t responding to your faithful training and endless number of thrusts, squats, lunges, and deadlifts and you are discouraged and frustrated. This video uncovers everything you need to know about the gluteus medius. Pelvic stabilization is one of the most important roles of the gluteus medius. As you lift your leg to take a step, this muscle tightens on the stationary side to prevent your pelvis from dropping down when you pick your foot up. Watch this video to learn everything you need to know about the upper glutes.


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