TRS: Glutes WO, If Your Hip Doesn’t Rotate


GLUTES! A good workout for those who have some joint issues. Video is well produced and packed with good information. Ciao from


Mobilization of the Week: Joint Capsule Mob.

IF we all spent more time on the ground, noodling in different positions, we might not need a joint capsule mob.

But that’s not the case. We have butts in seats for hours on end. Even those of us with standing desks or logging 10k+ steps a day of walking may still not be putting the hip through its rotational paces frequently enough.

The result is a hip that might not express its full native rotational capacity: i.e., a hip that is not at full power.

In terms of the importance rotation plays in hip function, it’s helpful to think of how frequently we talk about the shoulder and the rotator cuff. Well, the hip has a rotator cuff as well. It’s not just glutes that run the show.

Step one: Assess your internal and external rotation. Is it at 75-90 degrees?

Step two: Hit. That. Mob. 2 min is a great therapeutic dose.

If you feel a pinch, add the banded distraction.

That’s it for today. You got this. #IUTU #liveready #thereadystate

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