TORONTO SKINNY HOUSE: Canadian Green Design


DESIGN: From CANADA with love. This is the way to go for those tight spaces in old neighborhoods with houses falling apart. Reach for the sky.

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PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Video courtesy of Fair Companies. Ciao…


When Cyril Borovsky bought a 16-foot-wide strip of land in Toronto sandwiched between two bungalows, he knew the only way to fit more than one bedroom on the tiny footprint was to think cubically. Using a steel frame and performing much of the work himself- with just a boom lift and makeshift pulley-, he went up four floors. The final 1,300 square foot home fits 3 bedrooms and 3 baths on a 16-foot-wide lot. Borovsky recognizes that his lot is unusually thin (“not quite the skinniest in Toronto, but almost”), but he thinks his home could be a prototype for turning laneway parking into homes.


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