Tomb of Ancient Egyptian Royal Priest Found!


The power of computers and underground scanning. No Jimmy Hoffa yet, but they found an Egyptian tomb that’s thousands of years old. Go figure. Egypt needs this bad because tourism is at an all time low. But when your Islamist government can’t control its males; what do you expect. Too many hotel staff using e-keys to get into rooms of female tourists from Western countries. Oh…we’ll be nice and get back to this discovery. This happened last month and is a good thing. There’s a story here and we’re trying to figure it out too. We felt this was something our readers needed to know. Egypt has lessons for Paris too. Control the streets or the goofy protesters will put a dent in the economy and make everyone’s lives miserable. The American saying, misery likes company; thanks to the foolish politics of Populism. But one man’s Populism, is another man’s Revolution….

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