Tom Zanetti, w/Swifta Beater: Balloon Tune

45 presents this hot music video by Tom Zanetti, Swifta Beater performing Balloon Tune for 2018 SIC RECORDS. This track ends the summer nicely and brings forth the college parties and clubbing coming this FALL. School is back in, and you got something to tap your feet too and get funky with. Enjoy…Ciao from Milano…

Versace, Madonna, & Mark Scott!

DUNE Fashion Story: Mark Scott for Michael Kors!


“Yo…this is your boy Rick and my girl Collette from PA. We live in the sticx! Bumble-Fuck is the word. My girl and I moved from Philly and bought a house. We actually purchased my grandfather’s house. I’m originally from Jersey. My girl is from Cali (San Diego). We love this magazine! I’m Italian-American (well half) and I love fashion. I discovered you a year ago. A friend of mine told me about this site from Italy, but it was in English and made for Americans. Since then, I’ve loved it and think its perfect for people in their twenties that want to know more about fashions from Italy. Milan is dope city, as I’ve been told. Never been anywhere outside of Jamaica and Canada. But we’re saving up to go to Italy. My girl is devout and wants to do Rome. I could care less about organized church shit. But I believe in the ALMIGHTY. Regardless, Milan is on our list. We loved the Summer of Sci-Fi. My girl and I go to Dragoncon and other cos-play stuff. We love that community. Please do this Summer of Sci-Fi again. We love all the articles and comparisons and stuff from the past. I’m personally happy you guys didn’t do any fucking STAR WARS. That shit is old and for kids. My girl, liked the Handmaiden’s Tale stuff you did and hopes to see more. We rented one of the movies you recommended. So that’s it. Keep up the good work. Us: I’m half Italian and Polish (white male), 6’3, muscular with full sleeve and I dress up when I can. I do construction and trying to go back to school. My girl is a manager of a $ Store and we have two kids and a dog. We ain’t married and not too sure if that is for us. I’m 29 and she is 28. We love I also smoke a lot of weed too. She don’t, due to the kids. Ok..thanks for letting us say something.”


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