TIA TAYLOR: RACISM IN ITALY – 2021 Analysis & Video Essay


This is a wonderful video on race relations in Italy. Our perspective is she’s absolutely correct! Here in Italy, the racism is based on mostly on a form of classism.

Not solely a system based on the shade of your skin. It DOES exist, but I’ve never realized that because I grew up in a middle-upper class family which was very open-minded and I’ve always had a lot of “black” friends. Growing up I got closer to politic and I realised that in Italy (also because of the politic situation) there’s a lot of racism, but no one wants to admit that. I’m pretty sure that with the next generations, like mine (I’m 16 rn) the situation will get better and the racism will be defeated almost everywhere in Italy, I really hope that. thanks a lot for this video


The conversation on racism in Italy can’t stop at the simplistic ‘is Italy racist?’ but must evolve and add enough nuance to identify real issues in order to combat them. In this video I talk about how different groups of black people are treated in the country and why that is relevant. C O N N E C T W I T H M E +

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