The Young Professionals w/Anna F.: All Of It But Me (Sagi Kariv Remix)

43 gives you TYP featuring Anna F. on vocals. This is a dance break from a weekend that is sure to be historical in the USA. Well, we will dance as Rome burns (to quote the ancients). The question is to figure out who in American society and the West is playing the part of Nero? Hmm….Me thinks it is a Russian Import Mix with a hardcore techno punk White Supremacist back beat. Powered by social media. We give it a Minus ZERO to dance too this fashion and gym season!

Politics aside, this mix by The Young Professionals  is sure to take away the blues and has some great fashion inspired and Halloween themed visuals. Remember, this month is dedicated to Frankie Morello, our Designer of the Year for 2018. He’s on the cover with our Halloween video. Ciao from Milano…


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