The Kilted Coaches: Lower Back Pain & Hadrian’s Wall

250 presents two of the sexiest male muscle YouTubers, who are married; who have a great channel full of humor and great information. They give you some Scottish pride and in this video they talk about another WALL in history that actually failed. Their Hadrian’s Wall ancient Roman history is “dead on” and a great refresher for those who have trouble spelling “protein.” A good history lesson with the workout. Why did Hadrian’s wall failed, to our American friends? It took too much money to maintain it and a lot of soldiers would ask for transfers or be put on the transfer list. That list was tied to performance. Later, the Romans, opened up trade with the ancient Scotts. Different civilization and times, but a lesson to be had.

They talk about re-wiring your body due to imbalances and how to fix the back. A great video that also stresses the lower-body development and GLUTES workouts. We love The Kilted Coaches and so will you.

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