The History of Blaxploitation Films


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The History of Blaxploitation Films | MILANO411

The History of Blaxploitation Films

“The genre broke the stereotype that only whites could be leads in films.”

Learn the history of a genre that influenced Hip Hop music, dance music, music videos, films, products, even gym culture. Blaxploitation films were the first films, post Sword & Sandal era to use muscle guys and give them onscreen work (for our male readers learnings). So there’s more to them than stereotypes. They also had both lovers of the genre and critics. And the critics gave birth to more work for Afro-Studies Programs in the world of academia. So there was a weird win-win with their creation and the history of the genre. Should they come back? Hmmm…Only if Afro-Americans write, produce, and act in them. Finance them too. Also, writing scripts that show BLACK HEROES, not losers.

We’ll see. Learn a lot from watching these, but know that humor and satire was used a lot from them. So don’t think you’re getting Black History from watching them. 

We suggest watching them with Afro or Black friends who have known some of the subject matter. Ciao…

VIDEO: Courtesy of the guys over at Film is just Moving Pictures.


In this video we take a look at the history of Blaxploitation films in Hollywood. The movie industry has many era’s of film. From the French New Wave to Italian Neo-realism. But in today’s video we are going to look at an American era of film that was defined as the Blaxploitation era. On this journey we will look back at the inception of blaxploitation films and the impact it had on American movies.


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