The Handmaids Tale: June Slaps Fred Waterford!


MILANO411 wants to pay some deep tribute and respect to a sci-fi series that’s both critically acclaimed, timely, and due some serious respect. That would be Hulu’s much talked about show, The Handmaiden’s Tale.

This dystopian tale is like none other and gives some serious Tour de Force performances. It’s a show about a bad future, caused by toxic waste, ignorance and a Christian-American Taliban like government that imposes a Christian Sharia-law state on the population that is left. They murdered the rest and the other half went to Canada or are in the woods of Vermont and other places fighting. This is a great show and we gladly give it our Diva Award.

Based on the novel by Margaret Atwood. The work was then made into a movie in the 1990’s starring Faye Dunaway and is a good rent to see the inspiration. We’ll cover that in cinema. Ok…check it out and go vote in the next US election or you may find yourself living in Gilead. Ciao from Milano….

4LADIES…Some “Eye Candy” from the Gilead Underground. Sounds like a band….Checkout our other man features for you. Christian Cambria from Italy!

The Handmaids Tale: June Slaps Fred Waterford! | MILANO411


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