The Gospel According To Andre


If you find yourself needing some inspiration to get you through these quarantines and pandemic times; please view this film. This is a must watch autobiography portrait of a man that overcame a lot of odds and still made it. Guess what?? Sitting on the couch ordering take-out food and complaining about “secret societies” taking over the world and you’re in prison (blah, blah, blah..);is nothing compared to what this man lived through. Even if you don’t like fashion, it’s a funny documentary with a lot of famous faces and a tale of overcoming adversity, through not giving up and embracing diversity. Andre teaches a lesson on that for all races and diversity types.

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ANDRÉ chronicles the life and career of André Leon Talley, former Vogue magazine editor-at-large and one of the fashion industry’s and New York culture’s most influential icons. Beginning his career at Andy Warhol’s Factory in the 1970s before climbing the ranks of the New York fashion editorial world, Talley made a lasting impact by pushing to include African-American models and designers in such major publications as Women’s Wear Daily, W, and Vogue magazine. Today, his judgment is sought by top designers, stylists, and celebrity clientele. Featuring fashion luminaries such as Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Valentino, and Manolo Blahnik testifying to André’s gifts, the film traces his journey with rich archival footage that summons multiple eras of stylish and outlandish clothing.

In theaters May 25th.


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