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The David Reborn: Garry William Collins!


THE DAVID ISSUE 2019 wouldn’t be complete without a story on a rebirth. A story of hope and bravery. A story where the hero overcomes the odds and shapes his own reality for the better. A story about a muscle man that isn’t 100% smooth and looks like a Ken Doll wanna-be. The story of an “Average Joe” going to the next level. The level where the screenplay goes from the scene of the hero going from “Before Fame” to “After Fame.” The scene in the movie that makes you feel good and grab another handful of popcorn, knowing that the direction your hero is going is a place you want to be at too.

A level which is worthy of being deemed art. The story of a guy that looks like someone from your local gym, but handsome enough to model. A local hero that didn’t give up and had the courage and vision to make it happen. To be an example for the next guy at the gym struggling with the demons of addiction, low self-esteem, and the negative forces of chaotic change fueled by socio-politico instability in our complex world.

Michelangelo Biography: Who Was This Guy?

Rebirth isn’t easy. It’s hard work and takes a laser like focus to chisel away the flaws and create a life worth calling a masterpiece. Similar to the way the famous Michelangelo took the once flawed piece of marble, and turned it into one of the world’s most known artworks (The David). The similarity is striking when it comes to life of Garry Williams Collins. The David sits in the city of Florence, Italy and was a product of the Renaissance; which translates into “rebirth” or “new beginning.” It once stood outside, but got damaged due to riots and lost it’s arms at one time. Then through care it was moved to a place where it could be properly admired.

The rebirth starting with placing it in an environment that it could be properly appreciated.   Garry Williams Collins is the perfect example of rebirth for our 2019 DAVID ISSUE. An issue more about pursuing the key values of what the iconic statue means to modern 21st century man, versus lots of sexy GLUTES photos. Garry has glutes, however; there’s much more there than sexy nudity to be worshiped. Rather there is heart, soul, and mind. All the things you see when you come to Florence, Italy and stare into the eyes of The David.

“This is a goal/achievement for myself since I got back into the gym when I got sober” 

Garry Williams Collins –

Garry has the GLUTES, however; he’s much more than “beefcake du jour.” Rather, in the months that our team has spoken to Garry Williams Collins; we’ve discovered a working-class Adonis with values of gold. The values of courage, love, brotherhood (regardless of the color of your skin and how much money you have in the bank); and many more. Too many to list here, but know one thing. They all add up to a menu full of things you want in a friend. So, with all that has been said, we asked Garry to drop The 411 on his life, goals, and struggles. More is coming and we know you’ll love this read. We’ll start with just the facts, because facts matter. However, the feelings behind those facts are equally important to any tale or story that we present to our readers.

On Bodybuilding as a Sport/Lifestyle:

“I love putting out a message of hope for anyone struggling with issues like that.” – on bodybuilding.

– Garry Williams Collins –

Garry hails from the state of Ohio in the United States of America. Garry went from the road of addiction and failure; to one where he is the master of his own domain. A world that he controls and has shaped to his own dimensions. We sat down and spoke to Garry and our team of writers, fashion stylists, and creative directors have the following:

1.  Who is Garry Williams Collins?: “ME: I did construction and tree work before I started at the gym. I could make more money somewhere else but it gets me in the door in the fitness industry and keeps me in the gym all day; so, I’m happy and happiness is more than just an hourly wage. I love the gym I work for a lot and they have a great team here. The opportunities are great! Also, we have a wonderful facility too. Come down and I’ll show you around and would love to help you reach your fitness goals.”

2. Change?

“Change is usually uncomfortable at first, but has to happen. But necessary to grow.”

3. Dreams?

“Dreams are very achievable. Absolutely, and we can achieve it and much more; if we’re willing to go to any length and put in the work required to make it happen. The fuel to make this all happen and take us on this journey, is powered by extreme discipline, courage, and dedication and should always be embraced and applauded, for those young people who desire to those lengths.”

4. What do you like about MILANO411.com?

“I really like it a lot! I checked it out when you posted my first Wide-Back-Wednesday post a few months ago; to see if it was legit. It was and I was very pleased! I love how it is a nice combination of men, women, fitness, fashion, art, and clothing too. I also love the topics you cover and I really like the Milano-vibe you push and would love to visit there too.”

5. Why do you like bodybuilding?

Well I’ve done it in the past and really enjoyed it; then unfortunately fell back into addiction for years and then I made the decision to do something about it. I got my “shit” together and put in the work to change before I ended up dead. I found my way back into the gym. I found my soul and new path forward. One that made me respect myself more and focus on conquering “real demons” and concentrating into making positive and permanent change. It changed my career, my body, my relationship with friends, my love life, and most my outlook.

Working out forms a positive outlook in one’s mind and improves your mental abilities. You can later take that energy and apply it to other areas of your life. For me, after getting in a good session and the feeling of getting the blood and endorphins flowing, both my outlook and focus improves. It gives me a positive outlet and assists me in achieving goals and accomplishments that I set for myself and mindset to properly enjoy them; when I see them coming to fruition. My workouts are a big part of my therapy for me. I am who I am today because of them.

Additionally, it gives me the confidence to push through the struggles that face each of us in this crazy world of ours. The relief both physical and mental pressures; after getting in a good session and the feeling of getting the blood and endorphins flowing within the human body. We’re all extreme creatures and have the ability to create our own realities and push against negative stuff, through the use of physical fitness.

6. Contest lessons from last competition?  (NPC Northcoast Championships)

“It was a huge learning experience. I’m happy and proud to set and achieve that goal for myself; but I’m disappointed because I let nerves mess me up. I didn’t pose well and was over flexing and shaking. I calmed down for my night routine, but by then it’s too late. I came in 6th in Bodybuilding Light Heavyweight, 7th in Bodybuilding Masters Over 40 category, and 9th in Bodybuilding Novice. It was a huge show, but it disappoints me because I could compete with almost everyone I was on stage with. I belonged up there with them; I just took myself out. Next time, I’ll know what to do and what to expect. I’ll be a force to be dealt with. I never give up. I will learn from it and bounce back bigger and better and prepared for my next one.”

7.  In the Age of Social Media & Haterism, how do you deal with negative people online? You have an incredible and sexy body.

My Body: “Thank you. There are some haters out there especially when it comes to giving props to another guy on his body, but some really appreciate it and know how much hard work and dedication it takes to shape your body like that.”


“I absolutely love it! It’s nice to see someone or people like your magazine; take bodybuilding and return it to its origins. Expanding on the art of it. Not making it a thing about male strippers or falling into the trap of being conservative about it, or even homophobic. Showing muscle like the artists of old. Like Michelangelo. Like other great artists of Italy. I feel my body is a work of art. I feel bodybuilding has a lot of artistic potential. When you guys first started talking about it, I didn’t get it 100%. But after seeing posts and doing my own research; I like what I see. I’m proud that you selected me to be in it. I’m really honored to represent both my gym, my town, and my state.”


**PUBLISHER’S NOTE: MILANO411.com would like to thank Garry William Collins. Great job and Garry; your story is inspirational and we wish you many successes in the future. Gio Benedice (God Bless in Italiano). – Kris Milano, Publisher of MILANO411.com

Well…that ends the story for now. Or does it? We’ll bring you part 2 of this interview soon, but we want to tell you something first. MILANO411.com is proud to announce here and now, that GARRY WILLIAMS COLLINS is a proud member of our new MILANO411 PROMO MARKETING TEAM. He’ll be working with staff from both our NYC and MILANO offices on doing fashion promos and Menswear Editorial for the magazine. We will make a formal announcement soon. But wanted to tell you guys now. Garry Williams Collins will be working with other team members, such as Jimbo Collins, Michael Lowe, and Mark Scott.