THE DAVID ISSUE 2019!: Questions & Quotes


THE DAVID ISSUE 2019!: Questions & Quotes | MILANO411

Welcome to THE DAVID ISSUE 2019! We’re in month two (???) and we have plenty of surprises. This issue is our 2nd annual DAVID ISSUE and is aimed at exploring the meaning of one of ITALY’s most iconic symbols and its meaning to modern 21st century man. We’ll be posting the items from the official FB page. To join or FOLLOW or LIKE, please go here:

SO, here we are in the newly revised MILANO411 Style column. This column is done by our devoted team, our promo models, and myself. As the publisher of; I welcome you to this issue with lots of “twists and turns.” THE DAVID is more than a giant naked man statue, with incredible GLUTES. Rather, he is a reflection of you. The MEN who read our Menswear Editorial for the fashion and muscle columns. For the women that love themselves some muscle and feel it’s the ultimate fashion statement.

PHOTO: Jimbo Collins, the newest member of our MILANO411 Promo Marketing Team!

THE DAVID ISSUE 2019!: Questions & Quotes | MILANO411

For the DIVAS who like our other content and the men are just the manly and beefy “icing” on the cake that’s your life. So welcome, and let’s get started.


You’ll see a series of Questions or Quotes from our FB page and here too. We answer them here and they came from many staff meetings and when some of the creative staff went to Florence to see The David. We pose the QUESTIONS on masculine topics that are on the minds of our readers. Here’s our first one. It is:

THE DAVID ISSUE 2019!: Questions & Quotes | MILANO411

We’ll be answering this one this week. If you have thoughts, use the contact form to e-mail us.  Please include a FB link, so we can see what our fans and readers look like. We love to know who you are. So stay tuned.

Kris Milano, Publisher of

THE DAVID ISSUE 2019!: Questions & Quotes | MILANO411


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