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THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins | MILANO411

THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins (From AMERICA!) magazine is VERY proud to present for our 2nd annual DAVID ISSUE, Mr. Jimbo Collins. Jimbo is our newest member of the MILANO411 Promo Marketing Team. In the months ahead, Jimbo will be doing Menswear Editorial promos for the magazine and our featured designers. He’ll work closely with staff in both MILANO and NYC. As a model, he will interact with stylists, fashion directors, fashion editors, and our creative directors too. In this role, he’ll work with the other Muscle-Model Athletes on fashion spread editorials for menswear, colognes and fragrances, editorial, and menswear editorial. Jimbo Collins brings a lot to the table with his looks and height, and has already made a strong impression with the readers of magazine. Especially our FEMALE readers!, after a long and rigorous “vetting” process selected Jimbo for the following:

  1. Handsome
  2. Smart
  3. Down-To-Earth
  4. Does charity work.
  5. Sexy Body!
  6. Bald Head!!!
  7. Beautiful Eyes (as per the fan mail sent in by WOMEN)

THIS SUPER-7 was the reason why we said YES (Si) to Mr. Jimbo Collins. Jimbo will be working on several magazine fashion spread editorials. Namely the following:

  • Armani_2019!: Our DOTY (Designer of The Year) ad campaign for our 2019 winner, Giorgio Armani.
  • SUMMER of SCI-FI: More on this coming. So stay tuned.
  • DAVID ISSUE 2019!: Our lovefest with The David statue here in ITALY and it’s meaning for 21st century man. THE DAVID ISSUE is now a perm feature of the site, by request of THE LADIES; and Jimbo will be a part of promotions for that as well.

As you can see, he’s going to have a busy couple of months.

THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins | MILANO411

The DAVID ISSUE was launched on April 1st, 2019. Originally it was supposed to be two months and run until May 31st, 2019. Jimbo was released in teaser photos and the interest was hot from the start. A lot of wonderful feedback from WOMEN all over the globe. Also, MEN who wrote either STR8-oriented MUSCLE-BRO praise and of course, some incredible and respectful letters from our Gay & Bi brothers too. People, regardless of race, country, age, sexuality, or even politic had one thing on their mind. What was it? It was Jimbo of course and their fascination with his look and what his physique offers those who are fans of fitness models and muscle men.  Jimbo Collins will also be featured heavily in our annual SUMMER OF SCI-FI issue, which is three months long and runs from June 1st to September 1st of this year. In that issue we’ll explore the mass interest or sex appeal of sci-fi characters that are bald and their relationship to his look. As well as, any macho and/or muscular man that is bald with sexy eyes, that drive the LADIES crazy! One character essay we’ve already posted to our official MILANO411 FB page. See below for details:

THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins | MILANO411

The SUMMER OF SCI-FI is our annual exploration of all things sci-fi or science fiction. We examine the relationships to modern life and pay homage to sci-fi depictions from the various decades. More “bald hunk” essays will be released with promos that are similar to the one above (from our FB page). Jimbo Collins will be busy! We’re happy to have him and the issue for this summer is called:


Jimbo Collins definitely has a bright future with magazine and we’re so happy that he launched into the muscle orbit with us. Jimbo is always professional and nice too. He is an Ohio gentleman and kind. FEMALE fans have been sending ideas and suggestions for future shoots. We’re currently collecting them and encouraging you, as readers; to send in ideas. MILANO411 is about you and exporting the lifestyle of city of MILANO (MILAN). The Fashion Capital of the World! We welcome your feedback.

MILANO411 isn’t shy in stating our Menswear Editorial is always focused on the man who is no stranger to the gym. Jimbo Collins fits the bill 100%.  Jimbo Collins has been a fitness enthusiast for over 20 years and a pro-natural bodybuilder. He is sponsored by Optimum Nutrition (ON) and loves his work with them. On top of that he owns his own gym, loves the theater and guest muscle posing gigs, and is active in his church; doing all sorts of charity projects. He just recently returned from Honduras and did a mission project, building homes and breaking hearts in the impoverished, yet fiercely proud Central American nation.

PHOTO: Jimbo Collins, Promo Model – Honduras, 2019 Mission Trip.

THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins | MILANO411

PHOTO: Jimbo Collins, Promo Model – Honduras, 2018 Mission Trip.

THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins | MILANO411

Jimbo was nice enough to sit down with us and do a one-on-one interview. That piece will be coming out later this month. Since doing the original piece and doing promos with Jimbo Collins, the staff of MILANO411 has grown to love him a lot and we feel you will too. magazine is VERY SELECTIVE on who is chosen to do promo modeling for the magazine and it’s fashion partners. After following Jimbo Collins for nearly two years, we feel that he brings so much to the publication and has what the readers and fans want to see from our MENSWEAR EDITORIAL promo models. What’s that you say? Simply put it’s a code of ethics that each man has. He is honest, loving, without sacrificing masculinity. He is comfortable in his own “skin” and has no need to “make fun” of those less fortunate than himself; or those who society deems as different. Macho negative stereotypes don’t apply to JIMBO COLLINS. Jimbo is a true Renaissance Man for the 21st Century and is so happy to present him to you.

Please follow Jimbo Collins here at the magazine, but also, please see him here:



PHOTO: Jimbo Collins, for Magazine – DOTY 2019 Campaign for Giorgio Armani (2019 Winner)

THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins | MILANO411

PHOTO: Courtesy of or NEW AGE OF ART (on FB)

THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins | MILANO411

More Photos of Jimbo Collins:

THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins | MILANO411 THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins | MILANO411 THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins | MILANO411 THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins | MILANO411 THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins | MILANO411 THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins | MILANO411 THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins | MILANO411

THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins | MILANO411

“You cant just dream and wish for accomplished goals…you must work and struggle to accomplish goals! Let’s go to work!!” – JIMBO COLLINS, Promo Model

THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins | MILANO411THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins | MILANO411


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