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THE DAVID is a Muscle-Bear: Jason Blackburn!

THE DAVID is a Muscle-Bear: Jason Blackburn (From AMERICA)

Say hello to our newest member of our MILANO411 Promo Marketing Team. His name is JASON BLACKBURN and the staff of MILANO411.com magazine is beyond happy to add him to our marketing efforts for our Menswear Editorial fashion spreads and stories. He’s also our second MUSCLE-BEAR model following the successful release of his team mate, Garry William Collins. Both Garry Collins and Jason Blackburn will be featured heavily in our NO SHAVE NOVEMBER issue, which will be released on November 1st, 2019 (with some HAIRY extras and previews in the month of October too!). 

That issue is our 2nd annual issue dedicated to the love of Muscle-Bear men by all peoples; who love themselves a rugged, real, beast in their lives and bedrooms. Both men will do promos and Jason Blackburn will have some Menswear Editorial promos, specifically assigned to his gorgeous bearded self. Jason is Beast Mode times 10 and the staff of both our NYC and MILANO offices are more than happy to present another HAIRY & MASCULINE look to the worlds of fashion, art, and Menswear Editorial. Fashion is about expression. It’s about looks that aren’t always mainstream. It’s about taking chances and looking towards the future. It’s not always about showing a man that looks like Ken Doll du jour or a hairless runway Twink that wouldn’t be able to last 5 minutes in lockdown at a prison. We’re not making fun of other fashion companies and their male model choices. Rather we’re reflecting what our FEMALE & DIVA readers have told us for years. It’s time for a MAN. MILANO411 magazine feels that man is JASON BLACKBURN.

JASON BLACKBURN took some time to sit down and review his mojo and 411 with us for our, now EXTENDED DAVID ISSUE. Now known as DAVID ISSUE_2019. The issue was launched on April 1st, 2019 and was originally supposed to last until June 1st, 2019. HOWEVER, due to popular pressure from the LADIES and all those who think they are DIVAS said, “HELL NO! Keep the sexy men and essays on THE DAVID flowing!” —- So now it is a perm feature of the site. We plan to have weekly releases and articles on the subject. In line with that original vision, we wanted to identify the essence of THE DAVID was broad and inclusive. Other fashion magazines would keep David-types to smooth, gym bods in board shorts and sexy underwear. With too much emphasis, in our humble opinion; on presenting homoerotic-lite sensuality in their presentation. MILANO411 is no stranger to pushing designer underwear looks for men that have the goods; however, we wanted our DAVID ISSUE 2019 to focus on the inside aspects of a sexy man.  Also, we wanted to show MEN within a deeper context outside of the obvious connection of the iconic artwork by Michelangelo to a modern man’s glutes. THE DAVID is about overcoming obstacles. Michelangelo took a flawed piece of marble, that two other artists failed at; and made it into a masterpiece. These stories and interviews are about that fact and Jason Blackburn has done a masterful transformation with his body and life.

Sculpting a vision and a look that is unique and strictly his own. Once that is inclusive, down-to-earth; yet as addictive as a glass of whiskey over ice. One that still remembers what it was like to not always look like a combination of a concrete warrior and a sexy man too. A guy who thrives on diversity and knowing people of all backgrounds. A man like you, our readers; who loves his dogs, job, house, and cigars. He considers himself a Modern Norsemen and we couldn’t agree more.

We spent time with Jason Blackburn and we came out the other side the more wiser. We discovered that our magazine made a great choice to add to our MILANO411 Promo Marketing Team. We added someone that was more than his medical scrubs, dogs, beard, sunglasses, truck, and pipe. We discovered a new force to be reckoned with and a new facet of masculinity, cut out of THE DAVID mold and made for the 21st century.

One that was Muscle-Bear friendly, but at the same time showing the masculine ideal of beauty successfully merging or spliced it with the raw rugged power of American men. So we’ll let you discover the journey.

1. Who is JASON BLACKBURN in a word, who are you? In a description, what are you and who are you trying to become? I guess the best word to describe me would be “Relentless”…..I’m very head strong and persistent in all aspects of my life. I wouldn’t say I’m trying to become anything or anyone, I’m real……I’m 100% me, I’m just trying to be a better version of myself. I come from humble Deep South, American roots and I love to inspire. If I can change one life and make a difference; that’s important to me.

2. What is male perfection to you? I don’t think there is perfection by definition, especially when considering a human being. We are all flawed to the core, but someone who can embrace that; have self accountability enough to work on those flaws. More importantly, on the inside has the perfect attitude and approach to life.

3. What motivates you to sculpt or “shape the flesh?” When I was a kid I grew up watching Lou Ferrigno play the Hulk on TV and I’ve always wanted to be one of those big guys.

As I got older I played sports and coaches didn’t care so much about building but more about strength and speed, over the years with school, work and life I lost sight of that childhood dream. Next thing I know I’m over 30 and a functioning alcoholic pretty much, sitting on a couch thinking about the fact I never truly accomplished anything I wanted to do but I had one thing left I could still do. I didn’t need a lot of money, a team or anyone’s help to accomplish it. That day I stopped drinking and joined a gym and have been relentless ever since. Never looking back. Now because I’ve changed my lifestyle and never want that life to ever return, I can have a drink occasionally without feeling the need to over indulge because I made up my mind and too head strong to give up. These days I draw motivation from those who are just starting out on their journey in fitness, whether it’s bodybuilding, powerlifting, or just general fitness. Those who are in far worse shape than I was in the beginning, those who are a lot older than I am and still hard at it. The parents who bring their kid with them to the gym so he can workout with them because they all are overweight instead of allowing him to sit and play games all the time. Those are the ones I draw from and give encouragement to. I like to make a difference.

4. How do you get through negative days and people?

Negative days are gonna come more often than not, that’s just life and you have no choice but to handle it by realizing there are things you can’t control. Stop wasting time on dwelling on what you can’t change and redirect your focus on what you can control. Negative people are around every corner and the best thing you can do is say to them is “excuse me” and keep your focus on what you need to get done to improve your day or yourself.

5. When you look at The David statue, what does Michelangelo’s masterpiece make you think?

I see courage, boldness, art, and freedom.

6. How does your country or culture treat handsome muscular men into bodybuilding? How do people in your town feel about muscular guys and men who are sexy like you (you’re experiences are welcomed)?

I think it varies, some people find it attractive or sexy and some don’t. People have their own idea of what’s too much and its hard to say what that consensus would be but I will say I believe everyone respects the hard work and dedication it takes and the fact its amazing what the human body can become. I’m still fairly new in my journey compared to a lot of others but its tough because you finally enjoy wearing clothes that fit instead of wearing baggy clothes to hide your stomach, yet I struggle with attention because in my mind I’m still that chubby kid who always swam with his shirt on. I’m just a Mississippi boy who was raised to be humble and never wanna come across as arrogant; so I tend to not feed into attention and therefore its tough sometimes to handle the good and bad compliments you get.

I’m appreciative of them but still sometimes feel undeserving or weird. I rarely wear tank tops lol, when I do I change in and out of them at the gym because I’m still self conscious because of the person I still see in the mirror everyday or of any attention I might get. Once my girlfriend Beth and I went to eat for Valentine’s Day and the lobby was crowded, we gave our name and I then immediately went and stood in the corner next to the plant, and she asked me why and then noticed me noticing some people looking at me. You may be wondering how I can take this step, well I’ve gotten better about situations like that plus I need to step out of my “comfort zone” just like everyone should. How can I influence anyone to do things, if I’m not willing to do myself?

7. How do you deal with “haters?”
I don’t. I don’t acknowledge them at all. I do believe in constructive criticism and I will take a moment to see if what’s being said is coming from a genuine place or themselves have the credibility to criticize. But if it’s just hate or jealousy ,then I keep moving forward and NOT recruit more haters.

8. In the future, when people look at your body in a work of art or photo; what do you think they will say or feel about your hard work in the gym?

I would hope they would be able to appreciate it whether I’m attractive to them or not; and I’ve only wanted it for myself and not for any attention.

9. The Beard? Tell us more….

Beard speaks for itself lol, na I’ve always had facial hair, it’s just me. I believe in embracing that manly side we are meant to be and what better way to show it while keeping it clean and groomed of course lol.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: On the behalf of the staff of both our NYC and MILANO offices, we sincerely thank JASON BLACKBURN for doing this wonderful and insightful interview. MILANO411.com magazine is happy to add him to our new promo marketing team. We know that he has the personality and the sexy looks to be a success in this endeavor. It is our aim to put him to work on modeling projects for the publication and being a role model to MEN that have some fur and MUSCLE to them. Jason Blackburn has been nothing short of a true gentleman and it is our hope to see him make some MENSWEAR EDITORIAL fashion history. Menswear Editorial, is about making a statement. It’s not always about featuring sexy guys in designer underwear. Rather it’s about connections. It’s about REALNESS, to quote the “drag queens.” It’s about both our MALE and fabulous FEMALE readers seeing a hunk of a man that looks like someone they know and love. Ciao Tutti from us. More Jason Blackburn coming in the near future. – KRIS MILANO, Publisher of MILANO411.com


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/jason.blackburn.319

IG: https://www.instagram.com/that_modern_norseman/

Jason Blackburn: Hulk-Smash for a Good Cause!

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