The Couples Project V-DAY 2016


Say hello to our first installment in our ongoing MILANO411 monument to love. Although it is titled for Valentine’s Day (V-Day), we decided to do something different than other sites. We wanted to make it more about love then just the holiday itself. We wanted to celebrate love in all its forms and yes, do some “shameless promotion” too (smile). Some would argue, why? The promotion makes sense, but why should a fashion magazine care about love. Why not? In a world in desperate need of love to stop the madness, why not celebrate it past the traditional calendar date of Valentine’s Day. So with that said, we introduce you to our COUPLES PROJECT. The Couples Project is aimed at spotlighting couples of all stripes (Str8 & Gay) who are married and/or madly in love.

Each of these installments will go in our Interviews Section and is about introducing the world to a sexy or fun couple that is wildly in love, and also loves fashion and design. Also, we present this in the spirit of those who love the way the Italians look at romance too. Meaning, it should always be forever and have passion. So we present Ben and his lovely wife Elivia. They’ve been married for 2 years and are soon to celebrate an anniversary this April (April 24th). When they met, he fell “head-over-heals” or “head-over-protein shakes” in love. They call Florida, USA their home. In Ben’s words:

For me, she was beautiful and body was banging but wanted more than that, so when we met the first time and talked for 3 hours, and me doing most of the talking, I took that as a good sign cause I’m not very talkative and social. It wasn’t until the second date I started noticing her curves and body. Lol.”

It was from their romance blossomed and they fell in love. We’ll let them tell you the rest.

He Said (Uomo): “Io amo mia moglie.” (I love my wife…)

  1. Where did you meet?
    Online. We were supposed to just be “friends,” but the more I got to know Elivia, the more I wanted to be more than just friends.
  2. What do you love about your mate?
    Elivia introduced me to God in a different way. A way that I’ve been open minded and truly learning and listening. Elivia is very kind hearted and everything I ever dreamed of in a life partner.
  3. What is love to you?
    Love is unconditional care and compassion for one another. Love is fuel, it pushes me to always try, and never give up. Love is not only being complete but feeling complete.
  4. When did you know it was love?
    A month into dating I knew how great of a woman I had right in front of me. I asked Elivia to be my girlfriend so we could have a label to explain my feelings for her.
  5. Advice for single people?
    Always be open, be honest. No secrets.
  6. Plans for V-Day?
    Cardio, church, and meal prep.
  7. Favorite Things?
    Same as my lovely wife and soul mate, Elivia.


She Said (Donna): “Io amo il mio marito.” (I love my husband…)

  1. Where did you meet?
    Online, but first date was on South Beach to run; but Ben showed up in regular clothes. We ended up walking around and talking for 3 hours.
  2. What do you love about your mate?
    Very caring passionate individual. Puts other people’s needs before himself even if it kills him (Ben is very routine). Most honest person I have ever met, which taught me to be more honest with myself and my own feelings. I love that he never gives up on tasks or me in general. Hard working and dedicated. He has a relationship with God and always tries to grow and be a better person every day. He’s not afraid to be wrong. He is family oriented, open minded, adventurous. He had dreams and goals and doesn’t stop until he achieves them. I love the way his mind works, his sense of humor takes some quick thinking (witty).
  3. What is love to you?
    My favorite passage from the Bible, which is 1Corinthians 13:4-8.
  4. When did you know it was love?
    It happened in stages:
    (First) My mind tried to convince me that it was too good to be true, in order to protect my vulnerability.
    (Second) My heart kept proving my mind in the wrong direction and I fell hard and deep.
    (Third) I knew I couldn’t see my life without him in it…
  5. Advice for single people?
    Be honest about everything…
  6. Plans for V-Day?
    Church and meal prep.
  7. Favorite Things?
    Hobbies: Biking, running, beach, obstacle course races, paintballing, Netflix, “cheat meals,” and the gym.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Many thanks (Molto Grazie!) to Ben & Elivia for participating in MILANO411’s first annual, Couples Project. You are our first couple to be featured this season and your love for one another is inspirational. Please enjoy gifts from our sponsors.


We would also like to praise and truly thank Kiff (, for providing the wonderful sweat and delicious gift boxes and other edibles for our couples. Kiff is a food company that makes baked goods and treats that are based on South African cuisine. Kiff is South African slang for AWESOME! Thanks again to Kiff and be sure to check out their article in our new Food column to be launched this month (Feb. 2016). Thanks Kiff! Also, thanks to Armani Cosmetics for both the men’s cologne and perfume for women. See more Armani at:

Superstore Milano:

**ARE YOU AN ATTRACTIVE COUPLE WITH A GREAT SENSE OF STYLE? Want to participate in The Couples Project (A Celebration of Love)? Just e-mail us at Place The Couples Project in the subject line with your names. For example, Jim & Lori – The Couples Project OR Chad & Tony – The Couples Project. We’ll send you the rules and information. Submit pics and/or links of yourself for our review. The final decision is left to our sponsors and the MILANO411 Executive Marketing Board. The Couples Project is perfect for those who are trying to get exposure for positive projects and are attractive. Or just attractive and fun and madly in love and want to share it with the world. Open to both Hetero (Man/Woman) and LBGT (Same Sex) couples. All are welcome at Must be 18 or older to participate.


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