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Foodies love diversity, creativity, and an endless array of choices. These are the main driving forces, for those who love Italian food. Italian cuisine is not immune to the drivers of those who love to cook and all that it entails. Milan is packed with restaurants, cafes, and eateries. All big cities are too, and especially if they are of the cosmopolitan flavor. But what Milan doesn’t have is the Bear-Naked Chef and the talents that one Adrian De Berardinis possesses.

The Bare Naked Chef | MILANO411Adrian is an ever-growing popular YouTube and online food chef with a HUGE following. Unlike other food celebrities of the past, let’s say Adrian is willing to bare all and give you some unique eye-candy for your palette. But the fat is lean in his YouTube programming and the beefcake thick and for those with Freudian minds, “juicy.” He is not fluff nor is he a weird gimmick. Adrian has great talent and a FUN concept for how he views being a celebrity chef. You are through educated and entertained after watching one of his episodes.

He is professionally trained and his show is very educational and appeals to a wide array audience, beyond those who desire Muscle-Bears. One would think, if they were closed minded, that his show is only for gay men who self-identify as bears. On the contrary, he has a growing number of ladies who watch him and straight (hetero) men that are copying his moves in kitchen. And for those straight men with the “mojo,” those moves can translate into some hot passion in the bedroom too. So leave judgments for the religious right and similar closed minds and learn some hot loving for the women in your life.

A self-described bear, proud Italian (Italian-Canadian); Adrian took some time to sit down with us and tell us The 411 on his show, his thoughts, and current dating status (Single for those who want to know.) His thoughts are below:                                               

The Bear-Naked Chef:

  1. How did you come up with the concept for The Bear-Naked Chef and why?

I came up with concept one day because I found myself cooking naked a lot in my apartment. I started to realize that this was a “thing” for me. I enjoyed the process, it seemed very sexy to me. And had a moment where I wanted to turn it into a web-series where viewers could in a voyeuristic way, spy on me while I did this at home. After a break-up and finding myself single again, I realized that this was the time to execute it. I also wanted to share my cooking with the world, but needed a way to grab peoples’ attention.

  1. Have you always been a chef? How did you start cooking and why?

I started cooking at age 8, at home with my mother and grandmother, and in our family owned restaurants. We had pizzerias and restaurants in Toronto, Canada and everyone in my family worked in them at one point or another. I fell in love with cooking from that age on.

  1. Any plans to do a cookbook?

I have plans to do a cookbook, tie it in with my show. With many wonderful recipes and beautiful photography of food and me in action.

  1. Did you design your fabulous set yourself, or was it like that when you acquired the space?

The set actually belongs to friend of my producer, Brandon Roberts. They have a gorgeous home in the Silverlake area in Los Angeles. Brandon asked if we could use it for the taping and they we’re like, “Hell yes!!!, We love the idea.” It’s a beautifully designed space. I’m so grateful we could use it for this.

  1. What’s your favorite Italian dish to cook and why?

Some of my favorite dishes to make are simple, comforting and full of flavors from my childhood and my experiences in Italy with my family, spending summers in Abruzzo at my grandmother’s house.

  1. How do you prepare for each episode?

I prepare just the ingredients for each episode. No script needed. I just speak from the heart.

  1. The term “bear” has traditionally been used by the gay male population to describe hairy, macho men. But recently, over the past 5 years, hetero men are adopting the term. How do you feel about that?

The term “bear’ means, big masculine man, yes. If the hetero community wants to steal it, go right ahead. It just might get confusing for us gays.

  1. Who is your audience? What do you say to people who say you may only appeal to gay men?

My audience right now primarily is gay males, and a small percentage of women. I would love to appeal to more women. I think as more episodes are released they will embrace it.

  1. What is in store for you, your site, etc., for the future?

I have sights to evolve the show as it goes, changing up the set, having guests on who will of course be naked as well…. I’m hopeful that this might end up on television one day. My site will expand as the show does, with more content, BNC merchandise and a blog.

  1. What do you do to keep that killer Muscle-Bear bod in shape?

I take care of myself the best way I know how: eating a lot of good food, nothing processed, workout almost every day and I get lots of sleep: about 7-8 hours a night.

  1. Single, Married, Shacked-Up, Celibate, Mystery Meat, or NOB (None-of-Our-Business).

I am very single and looking for the special bear I can cook for and take care of. Any takers? lol

The 411: The Bear-Naked Chef

A new and innovative cooking web-series that features Adrian De Berardinis cooking good food, NAKED….why not?


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