Terry Talks Movies: 1970s Science Fiction Hidden Gems – Part Two


SUMMER OF SCI-FI is here! Launched on June 1st, 2021. Sit back and learn why we dedicated our June cover to 1970s science fiction. Everything in those films has come true, in some shape or form. Not everything, but just about. OR, people talk about the issues presented openly and in professional forums versus the Tin Foil Hat circles. A wonderful video essay. Please support Terry. Links are below for Patreon. 

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Terry Talks Movies: 1970s Science Fiction Hidden Gems - Part Two | MILANO411


In this one I look at 5 more of 10 hidden gem 1970s SF movies. Lifespan (1975) Crimes Of The Future (1970) Flesh Gordon (1974) The Terminal Man (1974) The Boys From Brazil (1978)

The movies people wanted to add to the list were:

Phase IV

God Told Me To


The Omega Man

Soylent Green

Silent Running



The Andromeda Strain

Slaughterhouse 5

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

The Mutations aka The Freakmaker


A Boy and his Dog

Colossus: The Forbin Project

Laser Blast

The Ultimate Warrior

Idaho Transfer

The Black Hole

Ravagers Starship Invasions

Message From Space

Where Have All the People Gone?

La Planète sauvage

The Hellstrom Chronicle


Logan’s Run

Zardoz and The Final Programme.

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