EVENT HORIZON: Justin’s Airlock Emergency

SUMMER OF SCI-FI: 2019! – We love airlock drama in space series. (read on…)

ZOMBIES 101: Everything you wanted to know!

SUMMER OF SCI-FI – 2019! Zombies? Why? Why? Why? Why do they (read on…)

Communion After Dark: Party Mix!

MILANO411.com presents this Halloween mix full of funk and fun. Great for (read on…)


Halloween is almost here and this scary mix is the stuff you (read on…)

Michael Jackson: THRILLER (35th Anniversary-SWG Extended Mix)

MILANO411.com presents a classic for Halloween. It’s Thriller, by Michael Jackson. Feel (read on…)

Remaking Suspiria: An Homage to a Feeling

The new Suspiria is more than a remake – it’s an homage (read on…)

IRAMA: Nera!

Irama is back with a hot hit this November on this side (read on…)

RENO 911: Happy Halloween!

HALLOWEEN ain’t no joke! MILANO411.com presents for some humor on dark days, (read on…)

Jackal And Hyde: Freaks Come Out At Night Remix

MILANO411.com presents Jackal And Hyde, with their cover of the FREAKS COME (read on…)

Pet Shop Boys: My October Symphony (Extended Autumn Skies Mix by DJ Chuski)

MILANO411.com presents PET SHOP BOYS, with a fitting song for October. A (read on…)

Kylie Minogue: Chasing Ghosts Remix!

MILANO411.com presents the lovely Kylie Minogue. She drops a hard and sexy (read on…)

WER: A.J. Cook Werewolf Movie!

MILANO411.com presents a scare fest for your DVD watching pleasure. Don’t want (read on…)

How To Make Michael Myers Mask: For Halloween 2018

HAPPY HALLOWEEN Peeps! MILANO411.com is proud to present an arts and crafts (read on…)

Couples Project: Dustin & Mikala…

**MILANO411.com is proud to present our latest ROMANCE FEST for the Halloween (read on…)


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