NewsHour: PTSD & FB Abuse

Monday on the NewsHour, a doctored video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (read on…)

Madonna: Communion (Deep House Mix)

Some music to shake those glutes too. David Issue dance mix. Funky (read on…)

Sajad Niknam: Muscle Posing!

DAVID ISSUE 2019! Today’s David needs to know how to Strike a (read on…)

Emporio Armani Underwear: Spring Summer Campaign

ARMANI is our Designer of The Year Winner for 2019. We call (read on…)


DAVID ISSUE 2019! – David and The Duomo….When you come to Italy, (read on…)

Soul II Soul: Back To Life (Masters At Work House Remix)

DAVID ISSUE 2019! – Get funky with it…..Ciao from  

Torsten Kanzler: Juri (Original Mix)

DAVID ISSUE 2019! – Something to shake those glutes too. Now get (read on…)

Kylie Minogue: Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Richie Bardot Decade Club Mix)

DAVID ISSUE 2019….Something to shake that booty too. Kylie Minogue is  a (read on…)

The David Reborn: Garry William Collins!


Venice Art Biennale 2019: May You Live In Interesting Times…

Virtual Tour of the 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di (read on…)

This 76 Year Diva: Beauty Hacks for Personality!

DIVA….This woman is a work of art. We placed this in GLAMOUR, (read on…)

Michelangelo’s David

Michelangelo’s masterpiece, the 17-foot-tall statue of David, stands front-and-center at the Galleria (read on…)

Anthropocene: Official U.S. Trailer

DAVID ISSUE 2019! – Man is changing the planet, and not for (read on…)

THE DAVID ISSUE Update: 05-19-2019!

DAVID ISSUE 2019! Hey everyone, thanks for the great e-mails. More posts (read on…)

Pet Shop Boys: Leaving (Noizz Factor Club Remix)

DAVID ISSUE 2019! – Soundtrack for getting funky. Happy Weekend everyone. Great (read on…)

Pose | Blanca & Damon Chosen Family | FX

Open your mind and prepare to last. A show worthy of TV (read on…)

Michelangelo’s David: Gets a cleaning! (Every 2 months)

THE DAVID ISSUE 2019! Friends of Florence, a non-profit foundation, supports the (read on…)

DAVID ISSUE: How should I show off my GLUTES?

How should I show off my GLUTES? We start with our quote (read on…)

DAVID ISSUE: Happy B-Day to William Mascorella! wants to wish William Mascorella from AMERICA (USA) a HAPPY BIRTHDAY…. (read on…)

DAVID ISSUE: How to deal with unwanted looks @ work?

  Well…well. The “juicy” question for some muscle men. Mostly in semi-conservative (read on…)

Italobrothers: Stamp On The Ground!

Hot dance track from Italy. ItaloBrothers drop a hot mix to move (read on…)

PRINCE: Sometimes It Snows in April

WE MISS PRINCE! Sometimes it Snows in April. It snowed in Rome (read on…)

Pet Shop Boys: Here (PSB New Extended Mix) wants to dedicate this song to the brand new Royal in (read on…)

THE DAVID ISSUE 2019!: Questions & Quotes

Welcome to THE DAVID ISSUE 2019! We’re in month two (???) and (read on…)

A Mini-Castle in the UK: Saved From Ruins!

THE DAVID ISSUE 2019 is about the need for a New Renaissance, (read on…)

Marie Antoinette Jewels on Display in NYC!

MA’s jewels are on display in NYC before The Sotheby’s auction. But (read on…)

5 Best Exercises for Bigger Quads (NO LEG EXTENSIONS!)

Grow them legs into “tree trunks.” Want to be big? This is (read on…)


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