The Proud David: Alarcon David – Photo Essay

A man is a proud creation of God or the Universe, or (read on…)

The David is Barney Xavier (Brazil)

Say hello to Barney Xavier. Barney is a BBr from Brazil and (read on…)

David, A.I – Prometheus & Covenant

  The Summer of Sci-Fi is soon to start gentlemen, BROs, and (read on…)

Paquito Paquito is The David…

Enjoy this photo essay on a man who is not in his (read on…)

American Dreamin’: Mark Scott for Guess!

Ladies, females, Women (with a capital W – thank you!), college ladies, (read on…)

Bad Boy (Short Film)

MILANO411 is proud to present this wonderful and very funny short film (read on…)

PEYOTE: The History & Truth of Mescaline

MILANO411 is proud to present this wonderful and educational video on Peyote. (read on…)

Cromo: Ci Siamo (Prod. – Yung Snapp)

MILANO411 loves Cromo. And so will you. He busts some serious Italo-Hip (read on…)

Miquel Brown: So Many Man So Little Time (Sergio Luna Mix)

Dance….Dance…Dance… This month is about The David and what it means to (read on…)

The MILANO David (4Ladies): Rocky Santos

Ladies (and those who admire Muscle!), say hello to MILAN’s own Rocky (read on…)

PET SHOP BOYS Megamix 2018

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY AMERICANOS! Big love, Big Hugs, and Big Respect from (read on…)

MADONNA – Funky Disco House Remix

Happy Memorial Day! (To All Our USA Friends) We bring the Queen (read on…)

Eartha Kitt – Where Is My Man? (Old School Mix)

Ok…May is about The David. May is MILANO411 celebration of MEN and (read on…)

Steve Hinds: The UK David!

Steve Hinds is a walking sculptor and a British carbon copy of The (read on…)

Happy Mother’s Day from MILANO411!

Io amo la mia madre. Ella è la persona più importante del (read on…)

D is For David

Welcome to Renaisance 21! We found ourselves in April and now May. (read on…)


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