Alien Covenant: Artist Khang Le’s Unused Concept Art

MILANO411 staff are big fans of concept art. Concept art forms the (read on…)

David Harbour’s Intense Body Transformation To Become Hellboy

David Harbour soon to be Hellboy. Body of a God? Or Body (read on…)

BLADE RUNNER 2049 – “2048: Nowhere to Run” Short

Blade Runner is back! The Summer of Sci-Fi may be over and (read on…)


Simply Nailogical came out with a video for ladies, that was perfect (read on…)

Ornella Muti in Flash Gordon (1980)

Flash Gordon, circa 1980s. Yes, it’s campy. Yes, it was and is (read on…)

Male Model @ 80 Years Old – Life Lessons (Good Stuff!)

This guy is a gem and a true inspiration. He drops The (read on…)

Ariana Grande – Break Free ft. Zedd

Ariana Grande was on the cover of MILANO411 for the our Summer (read on…)

Propylaion – Who Moved The Ground? – SYLVOUCH RMX

Music perfect for the end of summer and our Summer of Sci-Fi. (read on…)

Las Vegas: Old School Women/New School House Rules

Welcome Vegas baby! For the Summer of Sci-Fi, we decided to explore (read on…)

For the Summer of Sci-Fi, we’re exploring some big ideas. Robotics, The (read on…)

Space 1999 – The Troubled Spirit Music

This is an “Oldie, but a Goodie.” Space:1999 was the show’s name (read on…)

1950s, 60s, 70s 80s GLAMOUR: 20th Century Pin-Ups

This is a great review of some décor books that are perfect (read on…)

Sex Dolls 4 Women: A SLUTEVER Review & Essay

SLUTEVER, gave this great review of the world’s only maker of male (read on…)

Sleep Dealer

Set in a near-future, militarized world marked by closed borders between the (read on…)

Antonio Peral Sanchez – Superhero Style

Summer of Sci-Fi is soon to wrap up, but we wanted to (read on…)


MILANO411 readers, report to the bridge. We’ve discovered a new genius in (read on…)

SPACE TRAVELLER by Belle Jackson – Makeup Tutorial

A hot video, originally made for Halloween, but very applicable for our (read on…)

Top 8 Sci-Fi Films from HyperDrive!

This is a video essay that is packed full of great information (read on…)

RealDoll’s First Sex Robot – Lifestyle Choice or Uncanny Valley

Guys…don’t know where to go with this one. We were grossed out. (read on…)

Logan’s Run – I Ran

The summer is almost at a close, and we want to thank (read on…)

Miha Zupan – Muscle Mutant!

When it comes to transformation and let’s say, “Muscle Mutants;” one name (read on…)

Uhura Kicks Ass – Classic Star Trek Animated Series…

The Star Trek universe is vast. A world of fiction packed with (read on…)

Feminist Review: Planet Earth

Going Rampant does a wonderful counterpoint to our Muscle Style Menswear essay (read on…)

John Saxon Style – Planet Earth (Neon Macho)

Who is John Saxon? John Saxon is an American actor, writer, producer, (read on…)

Benny Benassi – Planet of the Apes Fun Time Remix

Milano favorite and Italian (from the boot), superstar DJ; Benny Benassi drops (read on…)


‘The iMOM’ – by Ariel Martin When our technology turns on us, (read on…)

Dominic Triveline – Muscle Mutant!

Dominic Triveline is looking INSANE!!!! He takes us through an arm workout (read on…)

Politics According to Catwoman?

She had one political cause that year, it was: “Ban the Bat!” (read on…)

How to eat when traveling on the road?

Jim Stoppani drops The 411 on what to eat while traveling on (read on…)

Georges Kayal (Viva La France!)

Ladies, say hello to Georges (also known as Giorgi). He’s a French (read on…)

Meet Japan’s Batman?!

Meets Chibatman – a Japanese man who dresses as Batman to make (read on…)


Taz Goldstein drops The 411 hard and gives you a funny and very (read on…)

Cosplay: “God Emperor of Dune”

This is a video we had to post. Comic Book Girl 19 (read on…)

Trevor Ilesley – Body/Mind Connection

The art of life is transformation. You guys know well, if you’re (read on…)

Interview With a Time Traveler

MILANO411 is proud to present a very sexy, chic, and well-written time-travel (read on…)

I Moved 2 China…

MILANO411 defines Diva as a woman of strength and one that lives (read on…)

Darth Vader Was Actually a Bodybuilder!

FYI Star Wars fans and sci-fi junkies; Darth Vader was actually a (read on…)

The Costumes of Dune – A Video Essay!

What you didn’t see? This is what this wonderful essay addresses. This is (read on…)

FOFB Hunk! – Paulo Cesar Diniz

Hello ladies. Hope you’re staying cool this summer. If not, we suggest (read on…)

Philipp Plein – Resort Look for Men & Women…

Philipp Plein does it again and brings some hot looks for summer, (read on…)

ANDREY SKOROMNYY by Muscle Amirratore

Russian IFBB Bodybuilder Andrey Skoromnyy in a special video that will help (read on…)

DEADPOOL 2 Extended Teaser Trailer (2018)

What’s not to love about DEADPOOL. The only thing we can think (read on…)


JessicaLoves drops The 411 on achieving an out-of-this world experience with makeup. (read on…)

Seth Feroce Trains Arms, the All American Roughneck Way!

  For our Summer of Sci-Fi, we’ll be giving you for our (read on…)

FOFB Hunk! – Stephen Bovey

Happy 4th of July to our readers in the USA. Well ladies, (read on…)

Dune: A Beginner’s Guide

This is a great overview to the wonderful and plot-heavy world of (read on…)

Valerian (“Rihanna is an ALIEN!”)

“Rihanna is an ALIEN!” No truer words have been said. We at (read on…)

Future Container Home – From Australia!

Think outside the box is great mantra; but for once; we here (read on…)


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