TRUMP: Alien Attack???

SUMMER OF SCI-FI: 2019…Politics aside, this is a scary premise. Could deal (read on…)

MADONNA: God Control?

Madonna drops The 411 on living in a crazy world and wondering (read on…)

SWEDEN’S Preppers: Ready for Putin’s Forces?

The FUTURE WARS are always brewing. Sad to say, until reason rules; (read on…)

Allan Lichtman: Democrats Must ‘Show Boldness, Not Timidity’

This man is dropping some serious 411 on this topic. We still (read on…)

NewsHour: PTSD & FB Abuse

Monday on the NewsHour, a doctored video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (read on…)

Autobiography of a Muslim Slave in America

THE DAVID ISSUE 2019 is about reclaiming a new Renaissance, full of (read on…)

Cheap Labor in Italy: The Underground Migrant Economy

In Italy, thousands of Indians are employed as cheap labor in the (read on…)

Fashion’s Toxic Threads!

MILANO411.com presents another spin on fashion. The Dark Side, and we’re not (read on…)

POLITICO: Can Russia Invade Europe?

MILANO411.com is no fan of dictators, pimps, and fake ass friends.  So, (read on…)

Festive Thanksgiving? (“Half Naked Gorgeous People!”)

POLITICO: This video is us for sure. It’s full of satire and (read on…)

Christian Picciolini: Descent into America’s Neo-Nazi Movement

MILANO411.com presents a wonderful TEDx talk by Christian Picciolini; who went from (read on…)

Spice Girls: Holler (Lipehall Fresh Radio Remix)

MILANO411.com presents the SPICE GIRLS and they’re getting back together. It’s not (read on…)

Jonathan Haidt: Moral roots of Liberals & Conservatives?

MILANO411.com presents a TED-X talk worth seeing and worthy of our POLITICO (read on…)

POLITICO: Jamal Khashoggi Mystery!

We have a scary tale for you children. A US resident citizen (read on…)


  MILANO411.com presents Pulitzer-prize winning Journalist, Author and Activist Chris Hedges, discusses (read on…)

AMERICA Remembers & Honors (911 Memorial)

MILANO411.com salutes the bravery of the MEN and WOMEN, who gave their (read on…)

Ladytron – Seventeen (The Droyds Remix) The Neon Demon

This one is serious kids! It’s the dark side of fashion, and (read on…)

The Roof Is On Fire (Bass Remix – Don’t Forget the Native Americans!)

Thanksgiving weekend is fun time for all. Good fun, crazy laughs, booze (read on…)


Taz Goldstein drops The 411 hard and gives you a funny and very (read on…)

Welcome to Idiocracy (Courtroom Scene)

The accuracy of this film is proving to be more and more (read on…)

Italy Comes to America

History is a Teacher of Life…or in Italiano; “La storia è un (read on…)

Girlfriend In A Coma – Trailer

MILANO411 is proud to recommend this movie. When we talk about modern (read on…)


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