THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins

THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins (From AMERICA!) MILANO411.com magazine is VERY proud (read on…)

The David Reborn: Garry William Collins!


George Smith: Confessions of a Muscle Model On The Rise!

  George Smith has hit the IG, social media-sphere world like a cement (read on…)

BIGGER: The Movie!

MILANO411.com is proud to present a movie that is superb and can’t (read on…)

Jason Blackburn: Hulk-Smash for a Good Cause!

MILANO411 is proud to give a Muscle Bro shout-out to Mr. Jason (read on…)

Martin Fitzwater: Fitz Fitness YouTube Debut!

MILANO411 drops The 411 on his new YouTube channel and what to (read on…)

Kziac Denis: French Power & Pride!

We find ourselves in a strange, yet fun place for the summer (read on…)

The Proud David: Alarcon David – Photo Essay

A man is a proud creation of God or the Universe, or (read on…)

Gerald Maragos: The Master of the Muscle Renaissance

When it comes time to select people that the magazine wants to (read on…)

AMERICAN DAD: Michael Dunn & Son!

Father’s Day is here. And, the MILANO411 staff is busy! Doing promos, (read on…)

Paquito Paquito is The David…

Enjoy this photo essay on a man who is not in his (read on…)

Jonathan Sfer: Serious Muscle/Serious Style from France!

Say Bonjour or Hello to Jonathan Sfer! Jonathan is a Muscle-BRO from (read on…)

Get Outta My Way Boy With The Red Beard | Kylie MInogue [Fashion Music Video]

If you don’t understand the title… I was in love with a (read on…)

ANDREY SKOROMNYY by Muscle Amirratore

Russian IFBB Bodybuilder Andrey Skoromnyy in a special video that will help (read on…)

Alessandro Niccoli – ITALY!

By Grace Woods Italian Stallion is so old school, but always in (read on…)

Magnetic – By Dropbear

Emerging from the ancient eucalyptus forests of Australia, Dropbear creates visual feasts (read on…)

Kai Greene Moving Past Bodybuilding: The Making of BELIEVE | Iron

Come watch Kai Greene’s next metamorphism! This muscle athlete and world famous (read on…)

Black Loops – Edit

This is a hot trax for the summer and/or just a good (read on…)


A looks at the 1950’s men’s muscle magazines and the representative industry (read on…)

Yannis Tsarouchis: The Greek Master of the Masculine

The definition of Greco-Roman muscle man, is the art of Yannis Tsarouchis. (read on…)

Tony Sansone (1905–1987): Muscle God/Model for the Ages…

Tony Sansone (1905–1987), was an Italian-American bodybuilder and famous physique/bodybuilder model. He (read on…)

Rizzolli Books Presents: Beefcake: 100% Raw, All-Natural

A fun and humorous treasure trove of extremely rare, all-American beefcake pinups, (read on…)

Masculine/Masculin: Art of the Male Form

The Musée d’Orsay recently hosted an exhibition studying the male form and (read on…)

Milan Central Rail Station / Milano Centrale

King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy laid the cornerstone of the new (read on…)

Milan Sadek – 1 Week Out!

Milan Sadek. No words can describe. He has cuts that are superhuman (read on…)

Vincenzo Masone Trains Arms 5 Weeks Out from the 2015 NPC Metropolitan

By: Lara Giacontti Vincenzo Masone puts other guys to shame. At 22, (read on…)

Jujimufu The Anabolic Acrobat

By Kris Milano & Nikki Williams Shame on you Jujimufu! How dare (read on…)


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