My Big Gay Italian Wedding

MILANO411.com presents, My Big Gay Italian Wedding! This film is a direct (read on…)

The End – 2017 Italian Zombie Movie

The End, is Italy’s contribution to the zombie genre for 2017 and (read on…)

Demons 1985 – Italian Trailer

This is a film that has to be seen. Dario Argento shows (read on…)

8 Scary Italian Horror Films You Need to Watch

Happy Halloween from Milano! Hope all in the world are getting a (read on…)

FEMMEfille – Trailer

In the fashion world, Isabelle Caro was known as the face of (read on…)

Girlfriend In A Coma – Trailer

MILANO411 is proud to recommend this movie. When we talk about modern (read on…)


An artist in love with the male form. Artemisia was a woman (read on…)

The Great Beauty (Italy)

The story of an aging writer who bitterly recollects his passionate, lost (read on…)

I Am Love (Italy)

This movie is Milano at its finest. It’s obviously told from the (read on…)


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