The David is Enzo Natale (Italy)

Summer is here! We drop winter like last season’s bad fashions. MILANO411 (read on…)

Jonathan Sfer: Serious Muscle/Serious Style from France!

Say Bonjour or Hello to Jonathan Sfer! Jonathan is a Muscle-BRO from (read on…)

Dominik Kytlica: Generation of Aesthetics

A great video of a new and rising, muscle athlete star named, (read on…)

Wesley Vissers Drops The 411 on Legs & More!

Vintage Genetics brings our favorite Dutchman, Wesley Vissers is back into the (read on…)

LEGS DAY: By Vintage Genetics

Another hot video from our favorite Dutchman. He’s growing big in Holland (read on…)

Vintage Genetics – ARM DAY – Enormous PUMP Techniques!

Vintage Genetics produced a great Back 2 School/Back 2 Work arms routine (read on…)

Martynas Cizauskas (Euro Hunk!)

Ladies, say hello to Martynas from Ireland (via Lithuania). He’s whole lot of sexy (read on…)

Milan Sadek – 1 Week Out!

Milan Sadek. No words can describe. He has cuts that are superhuman (read on…)

Lubos Chladek: Shoulder Workout

Lubos Chladek shows you how to do shoulders, in this very well (read on…)


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