Gerald Maragos: The Master of the Muscle Renaissance

When it comes time to select people that the magazine wants to (read on…)

When A Bodybuilder Goes Shirtless In Public! (Females Go Crazy!)

Ciao! Spring is almost here. Get Big OR Go Home! Or should (read on…)

Mass Motives – Full Posing Tutorial

Mass Motives drops The 411 on what a guy needs to be (read on…)

Chris Bumstead – Do Deadlifts Make Your Waist Bigger?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4Vw5ugmoBQ Chris drops The 411 on a good leg workout. He also (read on…)

Defenders of Muscle Beach

Originally called the Santa Monica Beach Playground, California’s Muscle Beach was a (read on…)

Joe Russo – Classic Physique Engineer (Create It!)

Joe Russo, drops The 411 on how he created his great physique (read on…)

Georges Kayal (Viva La France!)

Ladies, say hello to Georges (also known as Giorgi). He’s a French (read on…)

FOFB Hunk! – Paulo Cesar Diniz

Hello ladies. Hope you’re staying cool this summer. If not, we suggest (read on…)

ANDREY SKOROMNYY by Muscle Amirratore

Russian IFBB Bodybuilder Andrey Skoromnyy in a special video that will help (read on…)

Behind the Wheel – Hulkout 2

Sci-Fi month or summer wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate muscle sci-fi (read on…)

Vince Gironda Diet Training & Exercise (Podcast)

MILANO411 is proud to present the brilliance and Renaissance thinking of Vince (read on…)

Salve! Lele: Hottest Personal Trainer in Italy!

By Laura Fabbri Checkout who we found on Facebook this week. Lele (read on…)

Kai Greene Moving Past Bodybuilding: The Making of BELIEVE | Iron

Come watch Kai Greene’s next metamorphism! This muscle athlete and world famous (read on…)

Awesome 4 Minute Abs Workout For Men and Women

Brandon Carter, drops The 411 on what you and your woman can (read on…)

STEROID BACK? – w/Houston Jones

Houston Jones drops The 411 on what’s actually going on with his (read on…)

Yannis Tsarouchis: The Greek Master of the Masculine

The definition of Greco-Roman muscle man, is the art of Yannis Tsarouchis. (read on…)

Tony Sansone (1905–1987): Muscle God/Model for the Ages…

Tony Sansone (1905–1987), was an Italian-American bodybuilder and famous physique/bodybuilder model. He (read on…)

Rizzolli Books Presents: Beefcake: 100% Raw, All-Natural

A fun and humorous treasure trove of extremely rare, all-American beefcake pinups, (read on…)

Is The Gym Better Than Sex? (My Opinion)

Beastmode Chris Jones drops the 411 on Sex and the gym for (read on…)

Vincenzo Masone Trains Arms 5 Weeks Out from the 2015 NPC Metropolitan

By: Lara Giacontti Vincenzo Masone puts other guys to shame. At 22, (read on…)

Musclegod Alex

By Kris Milano & Rob Y’Vetts We know, this is one of (read on…)


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