THE DAVID is a Muscle-Bear: Jason Blackburn!

THE DAVID is a Muscle-Bear: Jason Blackburn (From AMERICA) Say hello to (read on…)

SKIP LACOUR: Bigger Arms Workouts For Older Men

Want big arms for the summer and beyond? Are you Over 40 (read on…)

THE DAVID is JP Gowdy!

THE DAVID IS: JP Gowdy! (From AMERICA) Say hello to our newest (read on…)

SIMEON PANDA: Chest Workout w/Tank Bounty

A great chest routine to grow them pecs! Ciao from MILANO411.com. ABOUT (read on…)

The David Reborn: Garry William Collins!


Damien Patrick: Shoulder W/O for Mass!

Damien Patrick drops The 411 for MILANO411.com muscle fans. Need to grow (read on…)

Gerald Maragos: Age is Just a Number!

This Christmas post goes out to our MUSCLE BRO, Gerald Maragos and (read on…)

Ed Brown, Jr.: Shoulder Pain Treatment

Buon Natale everyone! Xmas is almost here and some of you are (read on…)

California Thor: A Conversation w/Mark Raines…

Mark Raines is a man known by many talents, yet to many (read on…)

George Smith: Confessions of a Muscle Model On The Rise!

  George Smith has hit the IG, social media-sphere world like a cement (read on…)

Damien Patrick: Intense @ Home Shoulder W/O

MILANO411.com presents a great shoulder workout by, Damien Patrick. Damien is more (read on…)

BIGGER: The Movie!

MILANO411.com is proud to present a movie that is superb and can’t (read on…)

Brady King: The Comeback ep.1

MILANO411 is proud to present a rising star, Mr. Brady King. On (read on…)

Bodybuilder Transformation: Mark Bell

MILANO411.com is proud to present it’s first MUSCLE COURSE for the semester. (read on…)

John Meadows: Bicep Workout for Mass!

MILANO411.com is proud to present John Meadows, or also known as Mountaindog1. (read on…)

Gerald Maragos: The Master of the Muscle Renaissance

When it comes time to select people that the magazine wants to (read on…)

THE POLICE: Every Breath You Take…

MILANO411 is proud to present for your weekend pleasure, this cool and (read on…)

AMERICAN DAD: Michael Dunn & Son!

Father’s Day is here. And, the MILANO411 staff is busy! Doing promos, (read on…)

Mike Ergas: Proves Big Guys Can Move!

Hey MILANO411 fans. Hope workouts, protein shakes, gym visits, supps, more protein (read on…)

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Darron Glen

Darron takes us through a chest workout as he gets ready for (read on…)

Steve Spaulding – Arm Training (& Charity Work!)

Steve Spaulding puts on a great arm training routine that is for (read on…)

Mass Motives – Full Posing Tutorial

Mass Motives drops The 411 on what a guy needs to be (read on…)

Roger Callard: 1970s BB & Arnold’s Training Partner

Another great essay by Nick’s Strength and Power. Nick explores Arnold’s training (read on…)

The Incredible Lou Ferrigno

Another great video essay by Nick’s Strength and Power. Nick drops some (read on…)


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