Tactical Hypertrophy: Strength and Bulk (w/Aussie Tom)


From the wonderful world and exercise studio/school of JOSH BRYANT. Josh teams of up with Tom for a farmer stud workout. This is perfect for those who may be out of a gym. 

Tom is a mysterious, 6’7 349lbs Aussie (Australia) muscle beast of twisted steel and panther piss. Does Tom have the best home gym in the world? Does he makes all that stuff himself? And where does he get his boots? So many questions. Why no face? When did doing standard workout stuff require a man to not show his face. Hmmmm…..

We’ll see in future updates. Enjoy this unique muscle workout. Perfect for those who are loners when they lift or if we go back into quarantine. Or, for men who want to work out like the men of ancient times. We could easily see the ancient Romans doing these exercises. 

Ciao from MILANO411.com


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