STAR TREK: Phase ll Lost TV Show


SUMMER OF SCI-FI: 2020! – The Star Trek that was never made and laid the templates down for the future revival series of the 1990s. Why didn’t it work? Before it’s time. Controversial topics too. They were going to do sexual orientation, tech displacement of humans, racism, and other topics. Costs too. The sets were just too much money. It was before CGI and they couldn’t control the cost structure. Drama too. Leonard Nimoy refused to return. Shatner was making outrageous demands too.

Another problem was direction. They wanted a more adult show. The networks were looking to sell more merchandise to kids. So the scripts kept on getting rewritten, to accommodate kids. Which in the end, meant the deeper meanings of sci-fi were lost. In the end, it was a sad day. But Rodenberry didn’t give up and he got his new series. A rebirth. So lessons learned for your lives too. Also, the show inspired design for all the series to follow. Ciao from


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STAR TREK: Phase ll Lost TV Show | MILANO411


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