Shades of RED: Handmaids in the City???? (Laughter Against Fascism)



SHADES OF RED….Dystopia or Freedom???

Shades of RED: Handmaids in the City???? (Laughter Against Fascism) | MILANO411

We’ve come to another end of our successful SUMMER OF SCI-FI. We leave into the unknown reaches or Uncharted Territories, known as the Fall. The month of AUGUST 2020, is dedicated to all things sci-fi and also a special dedication to the HULU award winning TV series, The Handmaid’s Tale (HMT). This show is so TOPICAL, you would think it’s an ointment for the skin rash that’s grown on the American body politic brought on by the trash that is the turd known as tRUmp (and his hideous Russian boyfriend PUTIN).

Shades of RED: Handmaids in the City???? (Laughter Against Fascism) | MILANO411

We find ourselves needing to laugh to keep from crying. So in that vain, we’ll laugh first and then the rest of the week and month will explore this DYSTOPIA known as Gilead. If you don’t vote, you may find yourselves living here. It’s an UGLY PLACE, full of no color, hate, and no fashion. See FASCISM gets rid of fashion, because we FASHIONISTA make people THINK. DICTATORS don’t normally like that. We also do something else, make people DREAM and have HOPE. So in that vain watch this funny spoof from SNL of the show. Know that the show is serious as cancer or nuclear war. June Osbourne (main character) and friends have it rough, as HAMSTER DICK men abuse them and steal their freedom, all under the guise of an environmental disaster. They now, don’t believe in Climate Change. But that crisis can be used against freedom and those who love it. REMEMBER, VOTE ON NOV. 3RD. WE HOPE YOU VOTE BLUE. Ciao from

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This show is serious and we encourage everyone to watch it, especially before the Nov. 3rd election in the USA. Ciao from


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