SEX AND GAINS: Will Sex Decrease My Gains? (Dr. Jacob Wilson)


Dr. Jacob Wilson drops the 411 on exploring the relationship of sex and muscle gains. Exploring the myths of fluid retention (no flap movement) and the need for males to have this type of intimacy for their mental and physical well being. The Japanese call it “pillowing” for a reason and the “gateway to make a man a man.” It looks like they were right.

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The old adage that sex prior to competition has been around for centuries. It has been mentioned by trainers and in movies, such as Rocky. In this video, we will explore this subject and see if there is any truth to this. Please remember to click the like button and subscribe to the channel for more content. Also hit the bell icon to receive notifications of new videos, or to find out when we’re going live. Also, leave us a comment below on this video, or to give us ideas for future videos. For more on this and other topics, please visit ‣ Be a part of #themusclephd community! #MPHDcommunity 💪🏽 ‣ Follow The Muscle PhD Instagram – Facebook – Twitter –


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