Sci-Fi Look: Juan Gabriel (T800?)


The Summer of Sci-Fi is launched like a battle cruiser, ready to jump space. So ladies, fasten your seat belts. We’re going to hit the Outer Rim, then stop by Mars, then leave our home system and go to Alpha-Stud. It’s a wonderful quadrant of space. Warehouses of discounted fashions from all over the galaxy. And you may see Juan Gabriel in a showroom. What is he?

Sci-Fi Look: Juan Gabriel (T800?) | MILANO411

Well, he’s sporting a Very Milano look with the sunglasses which can be worn everywhere, including the gym. Muscles of course and a dose of nudity. Now ladies, he is our Found on Facebook Hunk for this week, but he does have a woman. But maybe she’ll share, possibly rent. Hell No, Bitch….Well we can hope. Enjoy his very Terminator look, but he’s not lethal. He’s sexual and beautiful. What a modern man for the future should be. Show it off, if you have something to show.

Ciao from MILANO….

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PHOTO ESSAY of Juan Gabriel….

Sci-Fi Look: Juan Gabriel (T800?) | MILANO411

Sci-Fi Look: Juan Gabriel (T800?) | MILANO411



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