RyanJTerry: Mass Building Shoulder Workout!


MILANO411 recommends this great vid to build up your shoulders. Boulder shoulders are a great visual on a man’s bod, plus it intimidates the hell out of assholes who should know better. Also, great for the ladies to place their hands on when a man is doing those…hmm…standing up naked holding a woman positions. You know what we’re talking about fellas. Ryan is from the UK, but calls FL, USA home. Go Gators!

Ok…eat, train, f_ck, love, and grow big this summer. Ciao from Milano…

RyanJTerry: Mass Building Shoulder Workout! | MILANO411


Halfway through my offseason and really happy with the progress so far… trying to gain good quality muscle ready for the Olympia. In order to have that small tapered waist on stage its essential to have bold broad round shoulders. Make sure you give this workout a go and let me know what you think. – Ryan J. Terry