Ryan Humiston: PERFECT Leg Workout (TIME TO GROW!)


Our favorite man, RYAN HUMISTON, drops The 411 on how to grow those legs. He’s doing a hardcore garage style video, made for these workout at home times. Ryan is wonderful guy. We encourage both men and women to follow his channel and workouts. For those FEMALE FANS. We hear you! More of this man. Thanks for your support and he trains women too and suggestions for you. But it’s our opinion, you may not be looking at the video for those purposes. Ryan is “easy on the eyes.” Be nice and support his projects (ladies!).

Ciao from MILANO411.com

Ryan Humiston: PERFECT Leg Workout (TIME TO GROW!) | MILANO411


Want The 30 Day Program That Will Definitely Grow Those Legs, Click Here: http://bit.ly/3igtiIF This was a long video to film, seems like a full leg workout is one of the hardest things to film because you can’t just demonstrate exercises… you have to really get in a workout. Started out with a variation for hamstrings that not only warms up but primes you for the squats to come. It’s funny I thought for sure 25lbs would be too light even to demonstrate but that was a really holy crap I could get stuck down here grunt. Then onto a single leg stiff with a staggered stance which really lights them up. After that a burner of a entire leg exercises, especially glutes and quads by going lateral over the bench. Finishing off with a calf movement so they didn’t get neglected. Also, If this channel has helped you and you want to support it then check out Ryse and use promo code “RYAN”: https://rysesupps.com/ryan

Ryan Humiston: PERFECT Leg Workout (TIME TO GROW!) | MILANO411


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