Richie Hawtin at Prada Extends London with HAAi, OK Williams and Overmono


PRADA does collabs like no other in the fashion game. PRADA is about creating art and discovery. For these efforts, MILANO411 magazine loves and respects them for that fact. This collab in the field of music is perfect for those who love or are missing club life. Sit back and enjoy. 

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VIDEO: Courtesy of PRADA. Please subscribe to their YouTube channel. Ciao.

Richie Hawtin at Prada Extends London with HAAi, OK Williams and Overmono | MILANO411

Prada Extends is the next phase of #Prada music: an intersection of sound and vision. Plastikman aka @Richie Hawtin selected local musicians and visual artists like HAAi, OK Williams and Overmono to create an intimate, invite-only, crossover performance like no other. The docu-film – captured the vision for Prada Extends and the city of London styled by Prada, combining Music, Visuals, Architecture, Design and Fashion.

“Prada Extends unites the like-minded. Creatives who see, hear, think in similar ways. People who focus on the details of their craft and take the chance to step outside the norm, pushing forward and into their own unique creative territory.”

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Directed by:
Francesco Calabrese
Elena Petitti Di Roreto
Rebecca Salvadori

Music by:
HAAi – Keep On Believing
HAAi – The Sun Made For A Soft Landing
PLASTIKMAN – New World Order

HAAi x Hanzo Init Studio
OK Williams x L’Aubaine
Overmono x Rebel Overlay
#RichieHawtin x Joëlle Snaith